Olivia’s Slumber Party

**My pictures are not as clear as I would like. My basement isn’t the brightest!**

We started the morning of the party with an awesome surprise. My friend, and neighbor, had yarn bombed us for Olivia’s party! The stop signs, the lamppost and our front porch! It looked amazing.

yarn bombs

I decorated and cooked and before we knew it, it was time to par-tay!

decor 1

I had 7 teenage girls, my Mom, my MIL and my SIL helping me with that party. The teenagers gave the girls manis and pedis while my MIL and SIL helped them with the craft. I was a little unsure if they would even like to do a craft so we made One Direction bookmarks. They were thrilled and very into it. They turned out really cute! Did I get any pictures of them? No.

nails collage

craft collage

After that the girls devoured copious amount of food. I couldn’t believe how much they ate! We just had appetizers but it was enough. Next up was games so we headed down to the basement.

The first game was the shaving cream game. One girl wore a shower cap with shaving cream piled on top while her partner through cheese puffs at her head. Whomever had the most cheese curls after one minute wins! I wasn’t sure if they would like it but they LOVED it. Everyone wanted a turn to be the shower cap girl. I though Olivia would like it but all she wanted to do was eat the shaving cream. I think it was too loud and crazy for her!

shaving Collage 1

shaving Collage 2

We then played a balloon game that Olivia had played at another friend’s party and loved. It’s a relay where they go to the pile of balloons, walk back with it between their legs and then pop it. The first relay team finished wins! Olivia had fun but got a little frustrated with popping the balloons. Once we finally got her balloon popped, she was happy again. The girls loved it!

balloon Collage

Next on the agenda was freeze dance. This was Olivia’s favorite. I felt bad because I didn’t have enough One Direction music! But I did have Gangnam Style so everything was ok. I could watch Olivia dance all day long. She asked her friends to do ring-around-the-rosie and, of course, they did!

maya faith liv dance

dance Collage

After dancing, the girls sat in a circle and played this smacking hands game that I hadn’t seen before. It was adorable! They smacked the person’s hand next to them and whomever was the last one smacked when the song was over was “out”. I didn’t know the words but found the song online. It’s super cute! I wish I could have gotten it on video but I barely managed to get pictures of the whole night, let alone videos.

Down by the river of the hanky banks
where the bullfrogs jump from bank to bank
sayin’ eeps eyeps owps oops
Chilly willy ding dong
I pledge allegiance to the flag ,
Micheal Jackson makes me gag
cokacola burns his butt,
now were talkin 7 up
7 up has no caffeine
now were talkin billy jean
billy jean is out of sight,
now were talkin dynamite,
downright blew up the school,
now were talkin really cool
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

circle game Collage

I then attempted to do a photobooth with the girls. It was fun but it was too dim down there for the pictures to turn out very well. This was probably the girls’ favorite part. Aren’t they the cutest? Olivia decided to crash the girls at the end which cracked everybody up. For her small size, she sure can destroy things!

girls 2 bw

photobooth Collage 1

photobooth Collage 2

liv Collage

We then watched Robots on a project and the girls snuggled in their sleeping bags and pillows. Some of them went upstairs to talk and eat and play games with the balloons which was fine. The whole night the girls pretended to be pregnant with the balloons. It was frightening and funny at the same time! I had One Direction balloons for each girl and boy was that a hit! Luckily my sister got them in the clearance aisle at WalMart for 25 cents for 5! I did have to pay to blow them up but it was still cheap! You would have thought I gave them a piece of gold!
They went home around 9 but came back the next morning for breakfast. We ate cereal and donuts and then Olivia opened her presents. We had about 20 minutes left for more dancing to One Direction! The girls were very thoughtful with their presents. She got everything she loves: stuffed animals, Disney stuff, pjs, slippers, bubble bath, a blanket and a pillow. She was so excited.

breakfast Collage

presents Collage

After the girls left, we all were exhausted. Olivia retreated to her room with all of her new stuff. There was no drama, just fun. Olivia said it was the best party ever!

liv with presents

It was a lot of work but so worth it. My girl was celebrated and happy as a clam. What more could you ask for?


9 responses to “Olivia’s Slumber Party

  1. You are the best mom ever! Can you plan my girls’ parties? How fun! Olivia looks so happy as so all the girls! Great job mom!

  2. That was one amazing party! I’m so glad Olivia loved it and everthing went so well!

  3. Its sooooo sad how you didnt get any pictures;) Looks like everyone had a blast and I LOVE the new color in the neighborhood!
    Think they will do the lampposts on every corner?

  4. I hope your kids realize how lucky and blessed they are to have the parents they have! I absolutely LOVE how you make birthdays so super special all the time!!! I wish I had even an ounce of your energy!!

  5. Not only is Olivia one lucky little lady, but those party attendants, too! I went to many a sleepover at that age and I can tell ya, none of them were as fun as the one you described 🙂

  6. Those party attendees are freakin lucky! I went to so many lame sleepovers at that age. You rock!

  7. There’s nothing better than balloons. Something about them just brings joy. ps: You are the best mom EVER.

  8. The pictures are great! Looks like a fabulous party and that every one was having a fun time.

  9. What an amazing party!! I’m so happy that you are giving her the opportunity to really experience life to the fullest! Your such a great mom Tiffany!

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