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What made you happy this week? happyweek

Olivia turned 12 on Wednesday! She has been a PILL this week and I’m sure it’s due to all of the attention she’s been getting for a week straight. We save our presents for her birth day so on Wednesday, after soccer, we had a nice dinner and gave her presents. Matthew gave her a stuffed puppy that says “Who loves you? Me! Me! Me!” Gabe gave her the Reese’s peanut butter egg bouquet at the party. Matt and I got her Peter Pan on Bluray along with ALL of the stuffed animals from Peter Pan. She was, of course, super excited. We were all cracking up because she knew the names of all of The Lost Boys. Can you name them all?

Olivia wanted Rodney Copperbottom cupcakes to take to school. If you know who that is, you get 2 points extra credit. I was a little stumped about what to do since I’m not a cake decorator like my sister. I decided to just make the cupcakes the same color as Rodney and then add his face on a toothpick. I think they turned out pretty cute! And they were delicious! (Thanks, Pinterest!)

cupcakes 1

cupcakes 2

cupcakes 3

Matthew started swimming lessons this week. He can swim but not very well. He also doesn’t have a lot of confidence in himself when it comes to swimming. He’s always been a little afraid of the water. I am having him take swim lessons so he can pass the deep water test! He was really nervous but did great and absolutely loves the lessons. It was awesome to watch him swim front crawl for 25 yards after just 2 lessons!! Backstroke is next!!

Gabe is almost done with soccer and basketball started this week. I just love watching him play. He’s surprisingly good at basketball. Now if I can just get him to stop being so nice out on the court, we’ll be all set. 😉

We all have the same spring break this year for the first time in 7 years. We made reservations to go to Hocking Hills for 2 nights in a cabin with the kids. I am so excited to go somewhere even if it’s only in Ohio. I would prefer sun, sand and a beach but we’re on a budget! My BFF and her family will be there too so that will be extra fun.

I’m going out with some friends from the neighborhood tonight and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to sit down, chat and have a margarita!

I’m off to get ready for Olivia’s faux slumber party tomorrow and Sunday. There will be 18 girls here!! Wish me luck!!! It makes me happy that there were 17 girls to invite, no? And that I have 7 teenage girls that love us enough to come do manis and pedis in exchange for food. 😉

What made you happy this week?


8 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. 18 girls? You are either a saint or completely nuts!

  2. I repeat the above sentiment : 18 girls!! you are my hero if this goes smoothly. Or maybe you are just the best mom ever!

  3. I LOVE the Rodney cupcakes,though I would have thought Aunt Fanny to be more her style. 🙂 Enjoy that margarita & get plenty of rest, you’re assuredly not getting ANY with 18 girls in your house Saturday.

  4. Wow, Tiffany. 18 girls – you rock!

  5. Can’t wait to hear about this epic party!!

  6. Have you guys considered bringing O down for the Pleasure Guild’s performance of Peter Pan (to benefit Children’s Hospice?) We got Tuck tickets for his birthday! March 8, 9, 10 at the Palace Theater 🙂 Assuming you survive this weekend!

  7. I think I know what you mean about being too nice on the basketball court. After a couple of years of playing nice (learning to dribble, pass, shoot), my sensitive son was appalled that he was now supposed to try and steal the ball! He seemed to think that you shouldn’t do that, since everyone was trying their best. Maybe it has something to do with being a special sibling.

  8. Where are you guys doing lessons? The boys are becoming diving wonders but I would love to see them both swimming better!
    Keegan was way too nice for basketball too! He would move to let kids by him or let someone else pick up the ball if it was loose. It was sweet really 🙂

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