Honest John

I first want to apologize for my absences here and there. I am trying desperately to get my act together with birthdays, Valentine’s Day, PTA, regular crap and work all going on. I got a whole new class on Friday which puts me at 250+ kids. Help me.

We had Olivia’s birthday party with family this weekend and it was perfect! Ever since we went to see Disney on Ice in December, Olivia has been asking for Honest John. Oh, you don’t recall who that is? He’s the villainous fox who takes Pinocchio to Pleasure Island and sells him to Stromboli. He’s a random villain and my daughter was obsessed with him. The internet failed me; I couldn’t even find him on ebay which is usually my best friend for Olivia and her stuffed friend wants. I mentioned it to my MIL because she lives for making things for Olivia. She loves to sew and is very good at it. She was officially on a mission to deliver an Honest John to Olivia for her birthday. We were all beside ourselves to see her open him. We saved him for last and her reaction did not disappoint! She also had been asking for Magenta from Blues Clues and my SIL was able to secure not only a Magenta, but in pillow pet form.

I dare you not to have a huge smile on your face for the rest of the day while thinking about this video!! Gabe was the cameraman so it’s a little shaky…but still captures the essence of Olivia…pure joy!

We opened presents first, then enjoyed a spaghetti and meatballs dinner, then sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed the beautiful cake made by my awesome sister. It was a perfect “You are my sunshine” party!

12 banner


balloons lanterns

cake 2

cake 4

cake 5

When we finally dug into the cake, there was a surprise inside!

rainbow 1

decorations 1

Olivia banner


sun table

sunshine posters

Gabe decided to give her Reese’s flowers!!! How sweet is that?

G O bouquet

O and boys

If I could just get one decent picture of myself, I would be so excited. Hurumph. I swear I’m way cuter than I look in pictures.

O and us

And I never, ever get tired of this. For years, we couldn’t sing to Olivia because she would cry. For the last few years, we finally can and it’s the best! She loves every second of it.

O candles 2

O candles 3

O candles 4

O candles 6

O candles 7

The best part about all of my pictures? Most of them are blurry because she was too excited to hold still. That’s a good party, no?

O excited

O honest 2

O honest 4

O magenta

O massager

We’ll celebrate on Wednesday, her actual birthday, with cupcakes at school, a soccer game and our presents to her. Then next weekend, wish me lots of luck because we are having a faux slumber party with….17 girls!!! We can’t wait!

It’s hard to believe that my baby girl will be 12 on Wednesday, isn’t it?


12 responses to “Honest John

  1. So much love in that house. Pure joy to look at.

  2. That video brought tears to my eyes. The joy your girl has, her love of life is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  3. What a lovely celebration. Happy Early Birthday to Olivia! Congrats on your Birth Day, Tiffany!

  4. She is such a pretty girl! Happy Birthday Olivia!

  5. That video is AMAZING! I wish you could bottle her joy because it is truly contagious. What a beautiful party for a gorgeous 12 year old girl. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday, Olivia!

  7. That video is awesome. What a joyous girl!!

  8. A very happy birthday to Olivia. Her cake was amazing! And your MIL did such a great job with Honest John.

  9. So many beautiful moments in that blog I dont know where to begin.

    Your children are gorgeous and your house looks so pretty.

    That cake looks amazing! Rainbow inside so many layers s not an easy task.

    Every photo was more stunning and heart warming (and your photo is lovely).

    The pictures if your daughter and her cake are so exquisite.

    Her reaction to her thoughtful gift was the best! You can tell your mother-in-law paid great attention to detail and not a second of all the time and effort she must have put was wasted.
    I’m a mom of almost 2 year old twins with little to zero free time. If I knew such a sweet young lady like Olivia would have reacted so genuinely delighted I would have found time (and learned to sew) to make an Honest John for her!!!
    It is moving, inspiring and comforting to know that families like your family really exist. thank you for capturing those moments with your words and posting 🙂

  10. Oh, that video…I can’t stop crying. Such joy!!!

    I’m glad she had such a great birthday. Loved the photos and your house is always so nice. And you look great – that hairstyle is so perfect for you!

  11. What an amazing birthday!!! The video brought me to happy tears 🙂 Everything looked amazing, a perfect day! So much love and happiness and you look so beautiful, have you really seen yourself? Your happiness is not only skin deep. You are very blessed!

  12. I love everything that went into that party, especially Honest John!!! We have talked before about how much we love to put our hearts into parties for our kids. You went all out for such an amazing young lady! She is loved so much by so many people.

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