Happy This Week

**Grab my button and play along…share what made you happy this week!!**


This week has been nuts. I barely blogged, my house is trashed and I still have a list a mile long. You know those weeks, right? I still found quite a bit of happy though…

My hair is cut and colored. I went with magenta instead of red this time and I love it! Gabe was the only one that noticed. 🙂 He said “Hey! I like that purpley color you got this time!” I’ll take it.

My Mom and I are such peas in a pod. It makes me happy. I feel lucky every day that my Mom is so amazing.

I was in charge of Gabe’s Valentine’s Day party at school yesterday. I’m always a little worried that the games will be lame for 5th graders. We did 5 minute-to-win-it games and it was super fun. They were so into it!!

Gabe gave his first Valentine present to a girl. It was the cutest thing ever. He was nervous but went up to the door, said a little something and gave her the present. Love it!

I watched the movie Heartburn this week. Have you seen it? It’s by Nora Ephron and it’s from the 80’s. Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep…it’s awesome! Totally 80’s which I love.

Olivia’s birthday is next week!! This weekend is her family party. Even though I have a TON left to do, I’m always excited to celebrate my kids’ birthdays.

The boys are competing in Pinewood Derby tomorrow. It’s Matthew’s first time and Gabe’s last time. They have worked so hard on their cars. It’s always fun to watch them race.

Tonight is movie night at school. The boys will be at racing practice so it’s just Olivia and I. Date night with Olivia is always a happy thing!

What made you happy this week?


8 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Your phone message! Thanks! Hope you had a great valentine’s day!

  2. I loved your red highlites and would lOve to see the magenta!!!
    Have a great night with your girl!!!

  3. Amid the busy week, so glad that you found some happy. My happy was attending my daughter’s valentine party. It was heartwarming to see first graders get so excited at their holiday party.

  4. Magenta hair is AWESOME!! I had an outstandingly happy week with 2 major milestones.

  5. i wish i could pull off a little color in my hair….i have a girlfriend who went with a little magenta not too long ago and i loved it! i guess i’d have to say that the biggest happy i have from this past week is that i was finally able to go out for my valentine’s dinner with austin last night and could actually taste the food we ate (we’ve had righteous cold taking over our house for the past 2 weeks!)

  6. I always enjoy reading your happy lists. Sounds like the past week was a great one.

  7. I love date nights with just one of the boys. It’s so fun to hang out the four of us but I love when we get special one on one time. Hope you and Liv enjoyed your time!

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