Just Keep Pinning

I am still obsessed with Pinterest. I think it’s the organizational freak in me. Instead of having 1,000 bookmarks to places I want to visit later, it’s all in one spot. Need a birthday idea? Pinterest. Need a new dessert for the party on Saturday? Pinterest. You can find everything on there…and keep it super organized. It’s like alphabetizing your spice rack for internet finds.

Here are some of my latest finds…

My newest favorite find is this bookmarklet that lets you look on Pinterest without the comments. Does anyone read those anyway? They’re not helpful in any way at all!

All three of my kids play baseball and I want this shirt!!! How cute is this? It seems like every clothing item I like on Pinterest is super expensive but this is only $21.

Source: etsy.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

I love painting my nails but hate that it chips within a day. I’m definitely going to give this at-home-gel-manicure a try. No expensive equipment!

Source: ramblingsfromyourstruly.blogspot.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

This popped up on my homepage the other day and I thought it was…perfect…for how I am finally feeling in my life. Thanks, Mr. Steinbeck.

Source: etsy.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

And this? Is going in my classroom when I get back into a brick and mortar school. Love it.

Source: alisonrowan.bigcartel.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

I made these brownies for Olivia’s IEP meeting last week and they were a hit. I didn’t have one, so I can’t give you my opinion, but there weren’t any leftovers. They are super rich so cut them small!

Source: saltboxhouse.blogspot.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

And last but not least…here’s Olivia’s valentine for this year. Inspiration for the idea came from here…you’ll definitely find something your kids likes!

How cute is she???

o valentine


6 responses to “Just Keep Pinning

  1. I have a Pinterest account but haven’t really used it in a long time. I’ve found some great recipes and craft ideas, so I probably should check out what’s new.

    Love the dictionary quote… LOVE IT!

  2. I love pinterest, and have recently gotten my MIL addicted. Every time I go to her house, she now hands me a new homemade something that she found on there and made. So far: Laundry detergent, lotion, caramel, & training underpants have come from her new inspiration. I also like to use it for writing inspiration too sometimes.

  3. Loooove the Valentine!! Mustaches are so hot right now!

  4. I love the valentine!!!!!! I think I need to give Pinterest a try again.

  5. i love pinterest too but i find the comments really helpful. bc of them i know the at home gel manicure doesn’t really work. 😦 i will be trying those brownies though- they look yummy!

  6. Jane used to make fun of me getting on Pinterest daily. Now she asks me almost daily what new recipes I’ve found. She’s addicted through me!! My focus now is building a firepit this summer from a really cool plan I found on Pinterest. Should be nice and cheap with only a little manual labor! Oh, and making my garden kick ass this year!!!

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