Happy This Week


***Grab my button and play along…share what made you happy this week!***

Olivia’s birthday party invitations went out this week and we’re getting a lot of yes RSVPs!!! We’re having a faux slumber party. I’m not sure who’s more excited…her or me!

Gabe had his junior high band fitting on Wednesday and decided he’s going to try the trombone. I’m not going to lie that I’m having a hard time adjusting to the idea that my oldest two will be in junior high next year. But it sure is fun and makes me happy to watch him get so excited about the new adventure.

The Plan is going very well and I’m becoming its biggest promoter. I feel amazing. I’m on day 10, halfway through already. I just wanted to feel better and I do.

I had a really good class with my Algebra II students on Thursday. It’s the beginning of the semester so they’re all fired up and I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. It’s like all of those New Year’s resolution people at the gym. It fades, but I’ll take what I can. Because we have many new students to our school in January, during class I reminded my students of the clubs we have at our school. I am the adviser for the Gay Straight Alliance club which promotes positive relationships between teens of all sexualities. I love being part of this club. The kids are amazing. So I mention this during class and one of my students immediately instant messages me that he wants to join. He sounds very excited and tells me he’s happy to have a place to go because his family isn’t very accepting. That always makes me so sad. I’ve been working with this student all year and I just wish I would have mentioned it sooner. It made me feel so good that he was so happy to find a place to fit in.

I loved waking up this morning and being able to watch Project Runway! Man, I love that show. (You’re supposed to say that like Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids when she’s talking about Wilson Phillips…just so you know. I enjoy any opportunity to incorporate Bridesmaids into my life.)

At the beginning of the week it was almost 60 degrees. Now it feels like 0. I am super happy Matt decided to buy me a space heater instead of flowers last week!!

What made you happy this week?


8 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. I got an unexpected card in the mail from a wonderful friend. πŸ™‚

  2. Play-dough: my children actually played quietly together for more than an hour with their new play-dough. It was long enough for me to clean both bathrooms and the kitchen, and I was soo happy to see them cooperating.

  3. Ahh, space heaters!! I love ours. My husband has gotten into the habit of turning the one in our bathroom on before I get up so that the bathroom is nice and toasty when I go in there to shower in the morning. If that isn’t love and happiness, I don’t know what is. πŸ™‚

  4. I am so thrilled and impressed to hear that you are supporting young people in efforts to promote equality and compassion for all orientations!!!!
    Well done!!!
    How valuable that guidance and experience will be to all of those kids who need an adult to care about them during a daunting time in their development!!!
    That alone is the best thing I have read all week!!!

  5. I live in Florida and I’d be more happy with a space heater over flowers too.

  6. A working washer and dryer, an amazing pediatrician’s office and the best in-laws ever were my happys for the week! There isn’t much better when you have the flu bug running crazy in your house. Crossing fingers that it is all gone!!!

  7. How do you grab a button?

    Also, my husband plays the trombone! Trombone players have a special place in my heart. : )

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