Listen, Universe

“It’s only by starting in a place of peace that we find our purpose and power.”

— Martha Beck

Over the past few weeks I’ve really been putting a few really big wishes out into the universe. I don’t want to share (yet) what these wishes are, but they’re big. Wishes that could change my whole life. Changes that I really want to happen.

You want to hear the crazy part? I think the universe is listening.

You want to know why I think it’s listening? Because I am finally at peace with myself.

“No one can ever take from you…the assurance that you are enough, that you are the joy the world needs.”

— Samantha Page

I finally truly believe in my core that I am perfect just the way I am. I am perfect in my imperfectness if that makes sense. I have confidence that I’ve never had before. My strength in myself just continues to grow. I have a peace I’ve never had before. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s acceptance, maybe it’s putting myself first for the first time in a long time, maybe it’s a combination of everything.

But I’m there and I couldn’t be happier.

Do I still have bad days? Of course, everyone does and it would be weird if I didn’t. Do I still look in the mirror sometimes and wish I had my 19-year-old stomach back or that those lines around my mouth would disappear? Of course! Are there days when I lose my temper with Matt or the kids? You bet! But the difference is now I accept it instead of trying to fight. I accept it instead of convincing myself that somehow that makes me a bad person and an unworthy person. I have flaws, I am not perfect and guess what? It’s totally OK. Better than OK.

Because that’s me. And I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

So listen, universe. I’m ready for big things.

“The most satisfying project you will ever undertake—and a mark of a complete human being—is to discover how to build a sense of happiness that no one can take away from you…”

— Deepak Chopra


8 responses to “Listen, Universe

  1. I learned when you stress over things nothing ever really gets accomplished. And nothing ever really happens for you. Terrific writing.

  2. You deserve good, big things!

  3. Jennifer Archer

    Now you realize your perfection… “Duh” says the universe- Love that peace girl 😉

  4. Can’t wait to hear more about those wishes!

  5. Change is the only constant I’ve ever found, but getting the changes I want is a different tale indeed. Congratulations on the acceptance of your beautifully perfect self and keep up the great work. Good things are sure to come.

  6. You go girl! I hope those wishes are realized. I love your quotes.

  7. Can’t wait to hear about your big things! You truly deserve it!

  8. I’m very happy for you! Our journey to self acceptance is sometimes long but rewarding.

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