Happy This Week


**Grab my button and share what made you happy this week!**

I started The Plan, and even though the cleanse was rough and I tested negative to goat cheese (sniff, sniff), I feel great and have lost some weight. The scale hasn’t budged for me in years!!! I don’t have that afternoon slump anymore and I haven’t been as anxious and emotional. So far so good! Fingers crossed it stays that way as I add in more foods.

It was orientation week at work and I only had to teach once this week. Even though teaching is my favorite part of my job, it was nice to have this week to catch up on the million other things I have to do for work.

Olivia started a new program at the local university on Thursday and did great. It’s a perceptual motor development clinic where she works on fine and gross motor activities (her two biggest weaknesses). She gets to swim, play in the gym and play games. She was nervous, and cried a little, but she loved it and did great. I am always so proud of her when she tries new things because I understand how difficult it is for her.

Gabe’s playing indoor rec soccer just for fun and exercise and his team is great! He loves to play and they’re undefeated. I just love watching him play soccer.

Matthew was home sick with bronchitis all week. Even though I was sad that he was sick, I was happy to have his sweet little face home with me. He cuddled up next to me while I worked which was really enjoyable for me!

I had a 31 party for Olivia’s Open and tons of my friends came. That made me so happy! I really have the best friends in the world…they are so supportive. The next best thing? I earned $450 worth of free stuff for my silent auction!!!

My FIL came over and stayed with Matthew for an hour so I could get to the gym. I am so thankful to have nice in-laws who are retired…and live right across the street.

Coffee makes me so happy. I had to go 3 days without it and it never tasted so good when I got it back!!!

My Mom bought me a camera bag at the 31 party for my birthday (which isn’t until April). I’ve never had a camera bag before and I’m sooo excited about it.

What made you happy this week?


5 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Pretty much having coffee with you was the highlight!

  2. sounds like a good week! you are definitely lucky with your in-laws – mine live clear across the country đŸ˜¦

    and I agree with you about the positive side to a sick kid…my son is much more interested in cuddling up in my lap when he’s not feeling well! usually he’s happy to give me a quick hug and then get back to trying to climb the couch or ride the dog or something…

  3. I was happy I didnt catch my husbands flu. Until today, that is. Great post.

  4. i secretly like when my kids are sick (not throwing up sick…i NEVER like that!) because they want to snuggle. it’s the only time i ever get to hold ava!

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