Dear Men

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Dear Men,

I am offering you a bit of advice today. Do you want to make your wife happier? Do you want to have sex more often? Do you want to feel better and more content in your relationship?

Then listen.

How to make your wife happier:

Do little things for her. She doesn’t want flowers, or candy or grand gestures. She wants little things every day. Bring her coffee in the morning prepared just how she likes it. That tells her that you think of her first and you pay attention. Kiss her goodbye every day like you mean it, not like your already out the door and forgotten about her. Text her or call her during the day just to say hi, or I love you or to ask about her day. Kiss her again when you get home. Give her a big hug. Like an arms wrapped all the way around her, your head on top of her head, her head tucked into the crook of your neck hug. Ask her about her day. Offer to help with dinner or clean up after. A couple of times a week, offer to put the kids to bed and make her sit and relax. Tell her she’s beautiful regularly. Laugh at her jokes. Tell her she has good ideas. That she’s smart. Cuddle with her and bedtime and don’t always expect sex. Kiss her deeply. Watch Project Runway with her even though you hate it. Tell her you love her every night before you go to sleep.

How to have sex more often:

You’ll be off to a great start if you make her happy. But do you want to know the number one hottest thing you can do? Do some housework without her asking you to do it first. She comes home and sees you running a load of laundry and you are the hottest man she’s ever seen. She’s in the middle of making dinner, stressed out after a long day with work and kids, and you just start packing lunches? Chances are you’re getting lucky that night. It’s two days before your having people over and your significant other is stressed over how she’s going to get everything done. Instead of heading to the gym after work, you come home and clean the house and she didn’t have to beg you to do it. Get ready for some action.

Another thing that you need to do is not wait until your under the covers to show her some affection. You can’t ignore her all day and not kiss her or hug her and then get into bed and expect she’s going to jump right in. Maybe you kiss her a little deeper when you leave in the morning. She’ll be thinking about that all day. Maybe that text you send her is a little naughty. When you get home, grab her tush, tell her she’s hot, whisper something sexy in her ear. She needs some warming up. Trust me.

How to feel better in your relationship:

If the wife’s happy, everyone’s happy. If you’re having sex on a regular basis, you know you’ll be happy. I promise you that when you share love, when you show love, when you feel that love back in return, you’ll feel nothing but content and so will she.


Elastamom, a very happy and content wife


12 responses to “Dear Men

  1. Reading this made me feel like a very lucky lady. I have a wonderful hubby so I forwarded this to him with a special thank you. He is out of the country and it felt good to appreciate how good I have it. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

  2. Without being asked—that is KEY! Great advice!

  3. So many great tips here! I’m so glad I have a husband like this – I’m going to show him this post.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s

  4. Good advice, Tiffany!

  5. Could not agree more! Recently I explained the difference between “stock” compliments like, “you’re hot,” and specific compliments like, “wow your arms look so skinny in a tank top now!” I added that the former gets a big smile and the latter gets my pants off 😉

  6. My my–how very true! I may tape this to the fridge…

  7. Awesome! Had to share with my hubby 😉

  8. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. I had it bookmarked and stumbled upon it again today. Thank you for this! (My Hubs will thank you, too, he just doesn’t know it yet. 🙂 )

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