Happy This Week — Matt Edition

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My husband is ridiculously wonderful. It’s true. So this week I’m devoting all of my happiness post to him.

When he has to work on the weekends, and leaves before I even wake up, I come downstairs and check my phone. There’s always, always, always a text from him that says “Good morning Beautiful”. Who wouldn’t have a good day after that start?

Upon telling Matt that I need to take Olivia shopping for bras, he put his fingers in his ears and said “STOP TALKING! STOP TALKING!” That was the end of that discussion.

He’s back to his normal self these days and I’m so very glad. Matt his my rock and when he’s not himself, our whole family is off-kilter. He went through some major emotional trauma this fall so I’m beyond happy that he’s feeling better.

Gabe received his Arrow of Light award at Cub Scouts on Tuesday. It’s the highest award you can receive while in Cub Scouts. I was able to attend the ceremony and watching Matt lead the ceremony as Cub Master and giving Gabe his award made me so proud and happy. Have you ever cried at a Cub Scout meeting? Nah, me either.

I love when Matt looks at me at soccer on Wednesday nights, when I’ve told him that I would sell Olivia for a nickel because it’s been that kind of a day, and simply says “Pizz?” Yes, pizza. I don’t have it in me to pour a bowl of cereal.

This morning, as we are sitting enjoying our morning coffee and watching Monday night’s American Pickers, he looks at me and says “Can I make a suggestion?” “Can we please start with a sports bra for Olivia? I don’t think I can handle an actual bra on my baby girl. I don’t think I can even put one on her. I can’t. I can’t do it.” He was very happy when I told that, in fact, we were starting with sports bras. I said eventually you’re going to have to be able to put on a real bra. I said he was lucky she’s not going to date. He said he was never going to let her date anyway.

Tonight, on the way to pick up the kids from my Mom’s after a quick date night, I said “bra” (because that seems to be all we talk about this week) and he started laughing and making fun of the way I say it. This is a long-time favorite game of ours: teasing each other about the way we say things. It all started back in the day over “barrette”. I say “bar-ette” and he laughs and says it’s “berette”. So he says “It’s not ‘braw’, it’s ‘brah’!” I argued my pronunciation and we decided we’d ask my Mom. We walk in the door and I ask her “What’s the undergarment that covers your boobs called?” She says “brah”. Matt was so happy. He said it’s one of the highlights of our marriage. I love making him laugh and seeing him giddy.

What has your significant other done lately that made you happy?


10 responses to “Happy This Week — Matt Edition

  1. I love these glimpses of enduring happiness between couples. I am glad Matt’s overcome his emotional trauma and is back to himself. Loving father, devoted husband – what a great way to celebrate happy!

  2. Love love love this post. Does it mean I’m nosy if I love reading about other people’s relationships?? This week my man did all the dishes and laundry. Like he always does. Amazing!!

  3. Love to read your blogs! Such a great hubby! My hubby finally got back on the road to traveling this week…He had been home since before Christmas! Happy! I LOVE having my man home but sometimes a Momma just needs to catch up on her shows! His first phone call that evening…”How are your shows babe?” He knew I needed a day! Now, it ‘s the weekend, come back!!!

  4. sorry tiffany. i agree with matt on the pronunciation of both bra and barrette. 🙂 glad you guys had a good week!

  5. This is a great post!! It’s fun when you can just joke about the little things!

    (I blogged about my husband this week too. You might be interested in the site I found too… http://www.mapsgirl.ca/2013/01/my-world-stands-still-when-im-with-you.html )

  6. Loved this. HE’s a keeper!

  7. I love how some dads get so overwrought about their baby girls growing up. Our daughter is 23, and I think her dad would be thrilled if she actually didn’t date until she was 35.

  8. This is so sweet! Loved this glimpse into your relationship.

  9. Ok, the bra thing still has me in stitches – mostly because I don’t have a girl!!!

  10. How wonderful! So happy those little things that have always kept you close are still so strong.

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