Olivia’s Stuffed Friends

Have I ever mentioned how obsessed Olivia is with stuffed animals? She loves nothing more than to curl up, in her pjs and slippers of course, with a movie and the stuffed animals that go along with it. If she’s watching Rudolph, she wants Rudolph, Clarice, Hermie, Sam and The abominable. It’s really sweet because she treats them like her friends; to her they are her friends. They eat breakfast with her, they have “sleepovers”, they hang out. She has tons and tons of “friends” and I can never get rid of them because she’ll go months and months without touching one only to wake up one day and want that one particular friend. I made the mistake of getting rid of Cat in the Hat a while ago and I was desperate to find a replacement.

It’s the number one goal in our family to find Olivia every stuffed friend she wants. Her reaction is worth the exhausting hunt and the money spent on securing the wanted friend. She screams and shakes and exudes complete and utter joy. When she gets a stuffed friend, everyone gathers around because we don’t want to miss her reaction. It’s priceless. Even my MIL, who is very frugal and practical, has been known to splurge on a friend for Liv. For Olivia’s birthday, she’s sewing an Honest John from scratch because Olivia wants him. Oh you don’t know who Honest John is? Of course you don’t! He’s the villain fox from Pinocchio!!! She always manages to pick the most obscure friend that they don’t even manufacture and, in fact, never have! (See: Feivel, Cat in the Hat, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Jack Frost, Hermie from Rudolph and many, many others.)

The other part of the whole friends process is that she wants it NOW. We went to see Disney on Ice, which is where she decided she wanted Honest John, and in 10 minutes she was a hysterical mess because she just can’t understand why I can’t just create it out of thin air. She’ll even yell “CALL THE DISNEY STORE MOM!”. It’s very sweet and cute and then it turns into ridiculousness because there’s nothing I can do and she won’t let it go.

All last week she’s been asking for Blue from Blue’s Clues. She’s recently rediscovered the show thanks to Netflix and is obsessed. I’m sure at some point we had the whole Blue crew but got rid of them. See what I mean? I’m going to be on Hoarders buried in stuffed animals. Anyway, Saturday morning she’d finally had it. She woke up and just starting bawling. “I NEED BLUE! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET ME BLUE! I NEED HER! CALL THE DISNEY STORE!” I knew we weren’t going to make it out of the day alive if I didn’t find a Blue stat. So I did what any Mom in 2013 does: I posted it on Facebook. Within 20 minutes, one of my friends called and said she had one and I could come get it for free! I was over there in a flash and secured her dear Blue. She was beyond ecstatic, as was I. (Thanks, Beth and Nash!)

Here is her reaction. We should ALL feel this much joy over the little things, shouldn’t we? I hope you’ll watch it and that it will make you smile today.


11 responses to “Olivia’s Stuffed Friends

  1. That was AWESOME!!!!! We should all feel that joy! Thanks for sharing : )

  2. This IS priceless!!! I love it! What we wouldn’t do for our children! You are a wonderful mom! Olivia & my Ella could share stuff animal stories! She is obsessed. I am just thankful we don’t have allergies…the poor person in our house would suffer because stuff animals would not be allowed to leave here. Enjoy!

  3. I loved this! I have stuffed animal hoarders here too. Charlie found one in the street the other day and carried it home. Bella saw it, made me wash it & has now claimed it for herself. She said that Charlie “rescued” him. It is sweet, and a a little disturbing. Tessa is the same way. I was too as a kid, so I know where they get it from :o)

  4. oh my gosh…SO sweet! that is so cool that your MIL is handcrafting one for her, too!

  5. Your daughter is so sweet. She is just lovely!!!!

  6. PRECIOUS! I also love Olivia’s room!

  7. for that kind of reaction, i would walk to the ends of the earth! love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Loved the video! Sophie enjoyed watching it with me.

  9. I loved the video!!! Olivia is the poster child for what life should be all about! We should all feel confident enough in who we are to get this excited about something we love. So glad you have awesome people – and technology! – in your world who could do this for Liv! Such a loved little girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. We’ve a 16 year-old young lady with CDC. And yours is the first CDC blog that I’ve visited – just doing a random Google search. It was interesting to see how Olivia responded. Some similarities with our Hannah. I was shocked, though, to hear your daughter speak … and even to hear her respond to you with words! We so wish that Hannah could speak to us. You’ve no idea how precious that gift/ability is. Despite her other problems/symptoms – whatever they may be – you’ve no idea what I wouldn’t give to have my Hannah call out to me: “Papa!” To hear her tell her mother “I love you, Mama.” To hear her address her siblings (6 of ’em), to speak to the family dog (a Great Dane, Bella) – ANYTHING. It was a precious video. But I write to remind you to be truly thankful to God for just that one seemingly simple gift that has accompanied your Olivia … her ability to speak. Not all parents of CDC kids get to enjoy such a gift.

  11. Listening to this story about stuffed animals is EXACTLY like my son. (He has CDC) Sometimes the similarities with these children just amazes me!

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