Matt and I have rarely wondered “Why us?” when thinking about Olivia’s diagnosis. Even at the beginning, we quickly turned from “Why did this happen to us?” to “Why not?” and “What for?”. It’s something I’ve thought of over and over and over.

What if she had been born into a family who didn’t want her?

What if she had been born into a family who couldn’t care for her?

What if she had been born into a family who didn’t take her to the doctor, therapy, early intervention and school?

What if she had been born into a family that didn’t read her books, feed her good food, enrich her life in numerous ways?

What if she had been born into a family that didn’t love her because of the small piece of chromosome she’s missing?

When you start to think about what could have happened, and focus on why it happened to you in a different way, it’s easy to see the why instead of the “Why me?”.

I think about other children that are out there that weren’t lucky enough to be born into a family full of life and full of love. I think about how lucky we are that we’ve had this amazing gift given to us and that we didn’t waste it. We don’t spend time dwelling on how unfair it is…because it’s not. It happened for a reason.

She was given to us because a higher power knew we would love her unconditionally, we would care for her greatly, we would move heaven and earth to give her what she needs. We were chosen because we are the perfect family for her. You want to know something? I’d take 10 Olivias. Any day. Any time.

She is a true gift. She is more than just a girl. She is a lesson for all of us on why we are here, how we should love and how we should live. I never ask why. I simply look up and say “Thank You”.

O couch 1 bw


10 responses to “Why?

  1. Beautiful!! I try to stay focused on all the positive and the way Sophie has changed so many lives especially mine but I will admit it’s still hard. I sometimes do find myself wondering “what if”. I totally feel that she is a blessing in my life and that children with special needs have a purpose (as well all do) to remind us what life is trully about. Amazing how one person can change your entire view on life and make you realize how important and significant the little things are.

  2. Thank you for your words. She is lucky that she chose you and Matt as her parents. You are an amazing family. Your thoughts help others to view their blessings in life as true blessings.

  3. I love this! Everything happens for a reason! 🙂

  4. She’s such a beautiful girl! I don’t think she’s any different from any other child…

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! You have such a way of putting things into perspective, I feel lucky to know you. Olivia is such a beautiful, happy girl. She is exactly where she belongs!

  6. Awesome thoughts! I have thought about this a lot, especially since I know someone who placed into adoption their child with Down Syndrome, yet kept the two healthy children they had. While I give the family credit for giving her life and not aborting her, I will never understand their decision, and believe that robbed themselves of so many gifts her life would have brought to them. God’s blessings to you and your family!

  7. This is a beautiful post celebrating a beautiful girl.

  8. Yes, I get this, and I needed to read it. We have so much to be thankful for too.

  9. this is beautiful. so many times we focus on the “why me?” that we can’t see the “why”. i love the way that your family works!

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