Buddy the Elf Final Week

Buddy the Elf always goes home with Santa on Christmas Eve and the kids were sad to see him go. It’s always fun to have him around…but I’m always happy when he goes!

After we made cookies, Buddy thought he should taste test them.

cookies 2

Apparently he needed to go potty the next night. The kids thought the green pee was hilarious! Last year he pooped a Tootsie Roll!

toilet 1

green pee

He left magic seeds the next day. We planted them in sugar and they grew into a candy garden overnight!

magic seeds 1

magic seeds 3

magic seeds 4

The next morning we had trouble finding him because he found a really good hiding spot way up high.

window 1

window 2

zip line 1

The last night he decided to be a little adventurous and zip line in our family room.

zip line 2

Finally, it was time for him to go home with Santa. We sure had a great Christmas season with our elf!

bye buddy 2


5 responses to “Buddy the Elf Final Week

  1. We have never done the Elf on the Shelf but I must say you have some of the cutest ideas I have seen.


  2. I love the green pee and the way up high!

  3. So cute! I love the Tootsie Roll poop.

  4. These sort of posts make me want to have babies, like, tomorrow. So much fun!

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