Anatomy of a Christmas Picture

Since Matthew was sick during Christmas, we didn’t get our traditional Christmas morning picture in front of the tree. Well, I’m ready to take down all of my decorations, and we still didn’t have a picture yet, so I had a bright idea at 4 p.m. the other day to get it done. I made the boys shower, did Olivia’s hair and got her dressed, moved furniture and turned on all the lights and enlisted Matt’s help in order to try and get just one nice picture of the kids. Just one.

Chaos ensued. The dogs started fighting and playing. Olivia bit Gabe, she picked her nose, she put her hands in her mouth. Matthew was cackling and moving out of the picture. Gabe fell over and couldn’t stop hysterically laughing. Matt was tickling me and making the kids laugh way too much. You know, the usual.














These were the best I got. Not very good…but I’ll take it. In years to come, at least it will show how big they were…and that their Mom tried.

all 3 tree 1

all 3 tree 3

I’m just keepin’ it real folks!


6 responses to “Anatomy of a Christmas Picture

  1. i’m getting ready to post on this very same topic this week….except it was my attempt to get a picture not only of my three gremlins, but also my 2 year old niece and 1 year old nephew. in the end, you just have to laugh. and really….don’t these kinds of pictures show more of who kids are instead of perfect smiles and whatnot?!?!

  2. Ha! Miss M. is missing most of her teeth, so this Christmas I didn’t even try! I admire your perseverance!

  3. Tiffany, you captured some great candid shots. I like how these series of pictures depict how all our kids behave in reality. Happy New Year!

  4. They came out great! The “messed up” ones really capture the fun šŸ™‚

  5. These are all fabulous! They capture so much fun and personality.

  6. Looks like it was a blast…it’s all about the moment and being with your family. It looks like you got it covered!

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