Happy This Week


The first “Happy This Week” of 2013!!! Feels so good!!!

All of the kids are feeling better…I have not cleaned up any blech or ick this week! Yahoo!!

Les Miserables. I don’t really like musicals but really wanted to see this movie. It. was. amazing. If they don’t all win Oscars, something’s wrong.

Laughing so hard on New Year’s Eve with friends that my stomach hurt!

A new workout outfit and a new casual dress from our trip to the outlet mall. I love new clothes.

Snow, snow, snow!!!

G shovel 2

M snow 2

M snow 3

O snow 3

Sleeping in!

My new Creme Brulee Yankee candle…smells so good.

My mom successfully used her new ipod that my sister and I gave her for Christmas…big happy because she’s afraid of technology. Love you Mom!

This face.

M snow 1 bw

And this one.

O snow 1

And this one.

G shovel

What made you happy this week?


8 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Glad to see everyone is healthy again!

    Your photos are always so good – I’m jealous! Did you take a class or just learn as you went along with your camera? I have a decent camera (not that you’d know it from my blog, since I always end up just taking pix on my cell phone!!) but I know I’m not making the most of it because I don’t know how it works!

  2. I am dying to see Les Miz! Glad to hear that it’s worth it!

  3. Yay for no blech or ick, hope the trend continues and everyone is all well very soon.

  4. So happy to see every one is better. Happy New Year! Love the pics…

  5. i LOVE all of the snow pictures. super jealous though. it was 70 degrees here the other day. SO WRONG. and i am all with you on the les mis deal….AHHHH MAZING! my back was hurt the night i went to see the movie…like, couldn’t walk from the car to the movie theater hurt. i sat through the whole 3 hours and never gave my back pain one thought. THAT’S how good it was! and outlet malls? shoooooot….i love me some outlet mall. we have a gigantic one down in destin that rocks. i scored some crazy good deals with my teacher discount! the school district won’t pay me much, but at least i can grab up some awesome orange skinny jeans and a cable knit sweater for a rockin’ discount 😉

  6. Hooray for healthiness! We’re still working on that goal over at our household. And once we’re all well we are going to pay you a visit. That makes me happy! 🙂

  7. So many beautiful reasons to be happy! And I am lusting after your Creme Brulee Yankee Candle. Didn’t even know they had that!

    Happy New Year!

  8. I can’t wait to see Les Mis! I’ve heard so many amazing things and it’s one of my all time favorite musicals!!! We have been enjoying the snow too!! We splurged and bought ourselves new gloves just for sledding – so we can keep up with the boys!!! Or at least attempt to 😉

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