Buddy the Elf Week 3

One night Buddy must have forgotten where he was and got stuck outside! Matthew said it was OK though because he’s used to the cold.

stuck 2

stuck 1

But the next day, he was sick! Maybe it was the cold after all?

sick day 3

sick day 2

sick day 1

When he was feeling better, he decided he wanted to be an ornament on our tree.

ornament 2

ornament 1

He also gave us an update on the Naughty and Nice list! Uh-oh!!!

naughty nice 3

naughty nice 2

naughty nice 1

He made us a countdown out of toilet paper!!! The kids are so excited that he thought we needed another reminder of just how close it is to Christmas!

countdown 2

countdown 1

I guess he was feeling adventurous the next night because he went bungee jumping!

bungee 2

bungee 1

After all that excitement, he needed a quiet night with the guys playing Apples to Apples. We were all cracking up at their card combinations: dirty glazed donuts, sexy Dr. Seuss, nasty warts, fuzzy swiss cheese. Buddy cracks us up!

apples 8

apples 7

apples 6

apples 5

apples 4

apples 3

apples 2

apples 1

We have one more week with Buddy and we can’t wait to see what he has in store! What has your elf been up to?


2 responses to “Buddy the Elf Week 3

  1. LOVE the card game and the naughty/nice list! i think that our elf might steal a few of your elf’s ideas 😉

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