Buddy the Elf Week 2

Look at what Buddy was up to this week…

green milk collage

homework collage

roasting collage

story time collage

wrapping collage

tp collage


3 responses to “Buddy the Elf Week 2

  1. love it! our elf has been up to some shenanigans too 🙂

  2. Your little Elf is quite the adventurer.

  3. My boys are convinced that our elf has been hanging out with your elf! He’s been up to all sorts of crazy things this year! Saturday he was found in Keegan’s underwear drawer wearing his underwear. We saw Santa at the Zoo Saturday night so Keegan told on the elf. I think it took all Santa had for him not to laugh. He promised Keegan he’d talk to the elf. Precious!

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