Fall Favorites

I’m linking up with Mamakat today: Share 5 awesome things that happened this fall.


I always welcome fall with a huge smile as I watch the kids head off to school, all shiny and new, soak up the last rays of sun and breathe in that cool, crisp air. This fall was particularly warm in Ohio and, even though both boys played soccer and it was busy, I felt like we soaked up all of the fall magic.

My baby turned 7 this fall. My baby! He’s 7! I just love watching my kids grow up. Every year I think “This is my favorite age” and then the next year I think the same thing. My kids are just so awesome.

M 5 white shirt

I watched Gabe become a defensive warrior on his new soccer team. It’s always great to watch your kids enjoy and excel at something they love.

gabe 1

We enjoyed the most gorgeous day at the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. I hope they never get tired of this tradition.

kids pumpkins 1

Halloween came with all of the excitement that kids bring to holidays. I rocked the Joker costume for Gabe.

all 3 fireplace

I watched this girl continue to blossom and grow and steal my heart even more.

liv face 2

What were your favorite memories from this fall?


4 responses to “Fall Favorites

  1. You are a wizard with Halloween costumes! Awesome!

  2. That is a mighty list — looks like the fall brought you many reasons to smile. And yes, you rocked the Joker costume!


  3. I concur… awesome Halloween costumes.

  4. Such a beautiful little family!

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