Buddy the Elf Week 1

Our Elf, Buddy, is back! He came back on Thanksgiving morning and has been appearing in all sorts of different places ever since. I have a new Santa’s Helper this year in Gabe and it’s been nice having some help! 😉

When Buddy came back, he gathered pictures of the kids and wrote them a message on our chalkboard in the kitchen.
The kids were so excited he was back! I love watching them run down in the morning to find him and see what he’s up to.

chalkboard 1

chalkboard 2

The next day he got stuck under a glass in the cupboard! He also recruited Olivia’s Elf, Hermie, to hang out with him. Olivia’s allowed to touch Hermie…Santa brought him last year after the boys freaked out because she was constantly touching Buddy.

glass 1

glass 2

The next day we found him in our bedroom being rescued by Rapunzel and her super long hair!

rapunzel 1

rapunzel 2

He loves Christmas music and borrowed my ipod the next day. And my headphones!

ipod 2

He is always getting stuck…this time in a stack of the best bagels in town!

bagels 1

Packing lunches was a good idea…until we looked inside!

lunch 2


The next day he showed us his artistic side…luckily it was dry erase marker which rubbed right off.

marker 1

marker 3

marker 2

After all that work, he needed to relax in a nice marshmallow bath.

marshmallow bath 2

marshmallow bath 1

I guess he needed a chocolate snack after his relaxing bath because we found him headfirst in a bag of M & M’s!

m and m 1

The next morning we found Buddy recovering from a car crash! Looks like Olivia’s other Elf, Jovie, lost control of her SUV.

car crash 1

car crash 2

He’s such a fun Elf and the kids just love having him around. What has your Elf done lately?


8 responses to “Buddy the Elf Week 1

  1. Love the PW cookbook in the background!

  2. Ours just came back the other day- it’s the only Christmas decoration we have out since we have the realtor take pictures of our house first 😦 The drawing on picture frames with a dry erase marker is on my list for this week 🙂

  3. You are making me look bad! I am not nearly as creative with our elf named “Steve.” In fact, I usually forget to move him, so December is a constant reminder of my failures as a mother.

    I am rather jealous of Buddy’s flexibility. 🙂

  4. Love the car accident. Our elf tee-peed the living room. Braden said I didn’t know the elf could be naughty.

  5. Our elf came out of the decorations box upon returning home from your house! That night he just moved so he could watch us while we ate. This morning he was playing the piano – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 😉 I heard a rumor that Mr. Elf and Santa may be heading into a mean game of Battleship one of these days 😉 And perhaps roasting a marshmallow by the fireplace!

  6. I love seeing what everyone does with their elves! I especially like him stuck under the glass 🙂

  7. You are so creative!!! I love these ideas…

  8. these are great…I can’t wait to do something like this when my son’s a bit older. I would have loved coming home from school to scenes like this as a kid!

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