Happy This Week

It has been a very rough couple of weeks around here. Matt is going through some serious career issues right now and it’s been a real struggle. But guess what? I still found some happy. Lots of it!

Olivia is such a fashionista. I love hearing people say that she’s the best dressed and always looks so adorable.

Elf! We have started in on our Christmas movies and this is one of our faves. Makes us laugh every time!

My trees are up and our elf is back!

Gabe let me cuddle with him the other night. Like full-on arms around him, laying next to him cuddle. I almost died of happiness.

Matthew’s been “sneaking” in after his bus drops him off. I hear the bus, I look out in the backyard and he’s jumping on the trampoline…he sneaks in! He thinks he’s so clever.

My new gym is awesome! I hate change, and especially hate changing gyms, so I’m really happy that it was an easy transition.

My kids’ tushies. I love their little tushies.

Olivia’s belly laugh. I just love making her laugh.

A walk with my bestie. Not much is better than that!

UPS deliveries almost every day—thank you Cyber Monday!

Knowing that, even though things are rough and our life is changing in a major way, we still have each other and that’s enough.

What made you happy this week?


7 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Ahh, lovely how knowing that you have each other can be enough- even in the middle of the toughest xxxx!

  2. Good luck to Matt and his career changes. I’m afraid a certain school district has the tendency to pull all the love of teaching out of someone like a Death Eater.

  3. You are such an inspiration to me to find the joy even in this very moment when two of my three kids are crying in the next room. 😉

  4. I am sorry that the road has been rocky lately, but you always manage to find the happy, and it warms my black little heart. xoxo

  5. Olivia really is a fashionista!! You do an amazing job!

  6. I’m sending Matt some positive thoughts.

  7. Wine with good friends 🙂 And a New Year’s resolution to do it so much more often!!! It was so great to see you all 🙂

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