Ride, Baby, Ride

Olivia has been participating in horseback riding for about 6 years now and it has been so wonderful for her. It has improved her balance, her core muscles, her confidence, everything. I don’t like to watch because I don’t like to see my 55-pound little angel on that giant animal, letting go of the reigns and flapping her hands in excitement. It freaks me out. But I do try to go every now and again because, even though it scares me, it’s amazing to see. She has no fear and loves to ride bareback and trot. Crazy, right? She’s even started to learn how to “steer” which is the next step so she can compete in shows. Just like with everything else, just give her time and she’ll get there.

Ride, baby, ride!

**forgive my pics…it was very dark and you can’t use a flash!**


6 responses to “Ride, Baby, Ride

  1. Horse therapy is awesome! Hooray for Olivia!

  2. How thrilling, Tiffany. I love this line: “just give her time and she’ll get there.” Makes me want to tatoo that to my forehead.

  3. Wow. I don’t know how someone could sit back and watch her and not be terrified and bawling with pride all in the same breath! How amazing for her and how wonderful that we live in a community where something like this is possible for her! Go Olivia!!!

  4. Really nice!

  5. I would be terrified, too! but she doesn’t seem scared at all! her teachers must be fantastic – you lucked out finding such a great activity for her!

  6. Awesome for Olivia! Horses can be very therapeutic.

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