If you just focus on the love, everything is perfect. There is so much love here. So much.


12 responses to “Love.

  1. Beautiful, as always. So much love.

  2. perfectly said. thanks for the simple reminder!

  3. I love all of this, but that black and white photo knocked my socks off!

  4. This is beautiful. Those who are surrounded by love and know it are the most blessed in this world.

  5. B/w photo = amazing

  6. great pics as usual! glad to see you and the hubs finally got in a picture 🙂

  7. It is so obvious that your kids adore each other. That is very special, and I hope their love always endures.

  8. You have SO MANY great pictures. And so much love.

  9. You really have a way of capturingyour words in your photos. Beautiful!

  10. Love the sentiment and the pics are perfect.

  11. love the pic of Matty and Liv. Beautiful.

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