On This Day take 2

On this day…

She crosses her arms and say “Geez, Mom!” like she’s 15 and sassy.
She forgets to tell me she has to potty and pees through her jammies and soaks her bed.
She floods the bathroom, empties the brand new bottle of shampoo and squeezes out all of the toothpaste into the sink.
She pinches my arm through story time before bed, kicks her brother and calls the other one a moron.

I tuck her in and am thankful that my bedtime is only moments away.

On this day…

He has 3 new pimples along his hairline that have become the size of small volcanoes. I get to pop them and squeeze them and wipe away the grossness that comes out. He cries.

He cries and cries and cries because he’s tired, his throat hurts, he can’t sleep, school is boring, on and on and on…

He asks me to scratch his back but only after he’s hooked up his meditation app and headphones and situated his covers just right and told me one more story. He’s taking forever to go to bed.

I tuck him in and am thankful my bedtime is mere moments away.

On this day…

He doesn’t listen. Over and over and over again. My blood is boiling. I threaten and try not to yell. I try.
He wiggles during stories, he falls off the bed, he makes his brother and sister laugh and drives me crazy because I just want it quiet while I read.
He can’t find his blanket, or his stuffed animal and he forgot to brush his teeth.
Oh! He has to go potty for the 100th time.

I tuck him in and am thankful my bedtime is mere moments away.

She is stomping around in her room making a mess.
He calls me in to tell me just one more thing.
He is running into his brother’s room to laugh and giggle.

Finally, on this day, I am in bed, reading and soon will be fast asleep. On this day, I am thankful that most days are like this instead.


5 responses to “On This Day take 2

  1. Like you I’m so glad that there are more good days than rough ones but those rough days can often feel like they’ve gone on forever.

  2. I do hope there are more On This Day originals coming your way this week.

  3. Plunged a clogged toilet this morning and cleaned up hairballs that the cat threw up. I think I may be having kinda one of those days you speak of above. xoxo

  4. The rough days are completely draining but it’s nice to know there will be better days.

  5. Awesome blog you havve here

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