Embarrassingly Funny

**Linking up with MamaKat today in sharing an embarrassing moment**

When Olivia was 2 and Gabe was 1, we headed out for a 2 week trip to upstate New York and Maine. We stopped for one-night in Burlington, Vermont. (You want to go there…it’s where Ben and Jerry live!)Matt went to the grocery store and saw a poster that said Shania Twain was going to be performing in town that night. Oh. My. God. I. Love. Shania. Twain. And she was going to be in the town where we were staying. That night.


We called the bar…called The Rusty Nail…where she would be playing to double-check that it was true. Oh yeah. She’s going to be here. Get here early for good seats. Have I mentioned that, other than shopping, I hate going places by myself? But, damn it, it’s SHANIA!! I’m in a different state, I don’t know a soul, but I’m going.

So I put her CD in my purse and headed out around 10 to see Shania. Yes, I took the CD so she could sign it, ok? Just in case. Have you not figured out yet that I’m a total dork? I get there early and get a good seat. I get a drink and settle in. I start talking to the woman next to me and she says “Are you looking forward to the show? This woman is so good.” Then she says…

“You’d never know she’s not Shania.”


So I don’t want to seem like an idiot that came to see the real Shania, but I want to know what the heck she’s talking about, so I’m all like “Really? She’s that good? I’m from out-of-town and just wanted to get away from the fam for a bit” You know, playing it all casual….The woman says “Yeah, this Shania Twin is amazing! She looks and sounds just like her!”

You heard it right.

Shania. TWIN.

I thought I would die of embarrassment even though not one soul in that room knew that I thought it was the real Shania. I was embarrassed just for me.

I stayed for quite a while and had a great time. I met some nice women at the bar and we shared stories and drinks and enjoyed Twin’s music. The best part was saved for when I got back to our camper and told Matt the whole story. We laughed so hard the camper shook.

And it’s our number one favorite story of all time.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?


12 responses to “Embarrassingly Funny

  1. Haha! Thats really funny 🙂

  2. Ha! That is a good story! Thanks for sharing!

  3. that is classic. at least she was a good impersonator so you could easily get way with acting natural! could have been far more awkward if it was some sort of parody act and everyone else was there in party groups (like a comedy show or something).

  4. I love Shania too, although it has been awhile since she put any new stuff out…..Atleast you played it casual. If you were all like WHO IS SHANIA TWIN?! They may have ended badly.

  5. Lol Tiffany. This moment is priceless. Hope you get to see the Shania TWAIN someday.

  6. I love it! That’s totally something I would do. I’m glad you ended up having fun with Shania’s twin. 🙂

  7. Good story. I see how it was easy to make a mistake with the name.

  8. This story is absolutely classic! The only thing that would have made it funnier is if it would have been a drag queen!!! I love that no one knew you made a mistake but you were embarrassed all the same. That is just the way I would feel!

  9. I love that you were embarrassed just for yourself–I know exactly what you mean!! Too funny!

  10. Awesome! That is funny 🙂 I live in Las Vegas and a pilot friend of mine flew “Bono” for an air tour of the Grand Canyon, I totally thought it was the real one…I am gullible!

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