Take a look at my Halloween beauties this year.

Matthew had the Luigi costume already and decided that’s what he would be this year. Is he the cutest Luigi you’ve ever seen?

Gabe really, really, really wanted to be The Joker from The Dark Knight. You know, Heath Ledger style. I can only handle one complicated costume at a time, so because Matthew and Olivia’s were simple and free, I said OK. I dyed the suit, I dyed the wig and gave it a haircut, I watched youtube to learn how to do the make-up, we scoured Goodwill for the perfect pieces for the suit and I let him borrow my shoes. I think I deserve a Mom gold star for this one, don’t you?

Finally, my little lady requested to dress up as a ballerina. My friend’s girls do ballet and she kindly let me borrow one of their recital costumes. Olivia chose this one from an array of gorgeous costumes. I thought we needed to add a twist so I did her make-up black swan style. She loved the make-up but wouldn’t leave it alone so it’s a bit smeared. Oh well. She still looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?

You’d give them a bunch of candy if they showed up at your door, wouldn’t you??


6 responses to “BOO!

  1. My little one is going to be a ballerina too! I just hope she looks as lovely as Olivia does. xo

  2. Definitely the cutest Luigi, the scariest Joker and the prettiest ballerina. Like ever! 🙂

  3. looks awesome! good job, mama! I like your thinking: only one tricky one per year. it came out great, as did the “easier” ones! that luigi mustache is just too cute for words!

  4. Gabe looks awesome… they all do. Very creative. I hope they had a wonderful time trick or treating.

  5. Amazing!!! Love all 3 costumes!

  6. They all look amazing and so happy!

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