Sundays in my City

I haven’t participated in Sundays in my City in ages!!! I’m so glad I finally made time to participate this week.

Unknown Mami

I haven’t been around on Sundays in so long because I’m typically at at least two soccer games. Watching Gabe defend his goal with such force and determination, it’s awesome to watch. Watching Matthew be-bop around the field just happy to be out there playing with his friends. Watching Olivia play on her ipad and with her friend of choice for the day…usually Mickey. And honing my sports photography skills. I’m a little sad it’s over…and very happy too!!

What’s up in your city today?


6 responses to “Sundays in my City

  1. Love your action shots. I am glad I stopped by to see your family.

  2. These pictures are fantastic. But what I LOVE are these words, “Watching Matthew be-bop…” Lovely. Your words illuminate your photos.

  3. So nice to see you back in SIMC and what a great return! You have two serious soccer stars there.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Our son played soccer for a season or two when he was that age. Then he moved on to something else.

  5. If you repeat this, I’ll deny it… I kinda miss my days as a soccer mom. There I said it. Looking back, watching my kids play were some of my favorite times with them.

  6. Look at your beautiful kids! I’ve missed you. I’m so busy I hardly have time to visit, but sending you much love and will cath up as soon as I can.

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