Smart as a Whip

Olivia’s intervention specialist sent me this video the other day and I was over the moon. She’s been working hard to memorize several states and their capitals, just like the rest of the 5th grade. The teachers are giving to them in small chunks at a time. I was so happy to see that she knows them all! Take a look.

I also will save this as a tool for her future teachers because Mrs. G does such a wonderful job with wait time. Olivia knows the answer, it just sometimes takes her a while to process it and speak it. I am glad she has teachers who truly know her and push her and know that she knows it.

I am so proud. And in case you couldn’t hear it, the capital of Virginia is “Rich Man”. 🙂

This beautiful test came home the other day. The only modification for Olivia was less choices; she had two choices where Gabe had three or four. The content was pretty much the same. Isn’t that amazing???

Take that, you missing chromosome!!!


7 responses to “Smart as a Whip

  1. Kicking some academia butt! Go Olivia.

  2. She truly is a rock star!!!

  3. Go Olivia! That is awesome!

  4. I love it. You go, girl!

    By the way, I hear Rich Man, Virginia is lovely this time of year. 🙂

  5. Rich Man! That is awesome.

    I like the way they adapt her tests – that is a really smart way to do it. Way to go, Olivia!

  6. Go, Olivia, go! So excited for her (and you, Mama)!

  7. Yes! My Olivia needs fewer choices too. While she’s only in Kinderkids right now, I’ve had to suggest to her teachers that they limit O’s options/choicses to two because three or more just stop her in her tracks.

    I love these videos of your smart girl. They inspire me to keep fighting for my girl.

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