Happy This Week

I’d love for you to link up and share what made you happy this week! Grab my button!!

Gabe’s soccer team won their division — they had the best record in their league and only lost one game! They were so happy and we were so proud. They have a tournament this weekend so fingers crossed they do well.

Matthew did the wiggle dance from “Sexy and I Know It” in the middle of music class to make everyone laugh. He was so proud of himself. “Everyone laughed Mom!” I, of course, reminded him that school is not the most appropriate place to show off his sexy dance moves. Secretly, I was cracking up. He’s such a clown.

Olivia’s chin is healed! She’s begun this awful habit of picking her skin when she has a tiny pimple of scab…and makes it into a horrendous looking scab. She only does it when she’s nervous or uncomfortable. They had a 3-day-weekend from school and it healed up just fine. (Update…not healed, I’m super angry and fighting the bus garage. GRRRRR.)

Matt and I had a date on Wednesday night. My Mom had the kids over for dinner and Matt and I went for a walk at one of the local Metroparks and out to dinner. It was a really nice midweek break.

The trees at the Metropark were stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. Matt and I stopped several times during our walk just to take them in. We also saw a family of deer munching on vegetation. It was wondrous!

What made you happy this week?


4 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Congrats to Gabe and his soccer team for a great year. Good luck to them in the tournament.

  2. a midweek break is SO nice…makes a huge difference!

    please take a video of the dance…sounds adorable and hilarious!

  3. What a great week you’ve had! Big hugs to Olivia. May her chin heal up soon. xo

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