She said ORANGE!

Inspired by MamaKat’s prompt: What was the last thing your child threw a temper tantrum over? Write a blog post from his/her point of view.

I am so tired. I can’t believe my Mom is kissing me on the cheek already with her sweaty, workout smell and her coffee breath. It can’t be that time yet, can it? I mean I had soccer practice and homework last night. What more do you people want from me?

Today is orange day at school so I have to find something to wear. These shirts my Mom laid out for me are ridiculous. I’m not wearing this shit. That one looks too small and has words on the front, that one has a truck on it for God’s sake and that is my boy scout shirt! Does she really think I’m wearing these to school?? She even offered me Gabe’s orange basketball shirt but I’d rather die than wear something so big. My Mom is an idiot. I NEED A COOL ORANGE SHIRT RIGHT NOW!

My Mom just yelled at me because I’m crying over an orange shirt. My teacher said we HAVE to wear orange. I just know if I don’t find something orange I’ll get in trouble. I don’t like any of these choices. I need her to go buy me a new orange shirt right now or I might lose it. Seriously. I’m going to get in trouble over orange! My teacher said orange!

Fine. My Mom said if I take any longer, I’m going to miss the bus and she’ll make me walk to school. I’ll wear my tie-dye shirt from Ben & Jerry’s. It has a little orange on it. I probably won’t get in too much trouble. My Mom said that she knows what she’s talking about but she doesn’t. My teacher said orange!! My Mom said I won’t get in trouble but I just know I will.

Oh my GOD! My Mom just made me change my pants. She said tie-dye doesn’t go with camo…or red! What does she know? And it’s too cold for shorts and I have to wear jeans. This is like the worst day EVER! Who picked orange anyway? Why not gray? Or red? Or green? My Mom is stupid, my teacher will be mad at me and I’m probably going to get in trouble. Why doesn’t anyone listen to me??

She said ORANGE!!!


3 responses to “She said ORANGE!

  1. Oh my goodness, it is so hard to be little and have a mean mom and teacher who are obviously in cahoots to get you in trouble. 🙂

  2. Mean mean mean mama. LOL. It is rough being a little guy : )

  3. Oh, this so could have been one of Keegan’s rants! He got mad at me last week because he needed to wear black because they were going to be bats in a cave. So he wore his black Highland Indians shirt and he wanted to turn it inside out because it had red and white on it. His pants were black with white stripes up the side and that drove him crazy. He went on and on about how his teacher said black, not black with colors!!! Yep, heard a similar rant last week.

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