I Will, I Won’t, Take 2

**I’ve been feeling rather blue lately about all the things that Olivia and I are/will be missing out on. I needed this reminder of all of the “wills” and thought you might too.**

I won’t get to drop you off at your first slumber party and hear all the details the next day. But I will get to have all of the Friday night movie nights I want with you.

I won’t get to watch you play with your friends on your school’s team for whatever sport you’d choose. But I will get to watch you ride your horse and take you swimming.

I won’t get to take you shopping for your first homecoming dress or your senior prom dress. But I will get to keep you home with me and not have to worry about you on these dates. We can always go shopping for new pjs instead.

I won’t have a house full of girls chatting about boys and the latest clothes and the gossip at school. But I will have a house full of boys who love you.

I won’t get to help you learn how to drive and celebrate when you finally get your driver’s license. But I will have the cutest backseat driver around. And I’ll never have to worry about you driving like I will with your brothers.

I won’t get to help you pick a college and study Calculus and prepare for the ACTs. But I will get to help you decide what to do with your life and I will get to have you home with me. Always.

I won’t get to hear about the man you met who makes you feel special and that you want to marry. I won’t get to think that he reminds me of your Dad and that you’ve made the right decision. I won’t get to experience that kind of love with you. But we will never have to give you away.

I won’t get to plan a wedding with you. But that’s ok. I hate planning weddings. I think everyone should elope.

I won’t get to hear “I’m pregnant Mom!” and experience all the joy that comes along with an expanding belly. I won’t get to watch my first-born hold her first-born. But I will get to watch you be your brothers’ children’s favorite aunt, of that I’m sure.

I won’t get to watch you buy your first home and make your own life. But I will get to have you right by my side forever.

I will.


8 responses to “I Will, I Won’t, Take 2

  1. You will indeed. You got me crying. I have had my own bout of struggles the last few weeks and I appreciate the reminders of focusing on what is good and right about a situation rather than only seeing the hard part. I still remember the poem you posted a couple of years back about going to Holland. It is different, it will always be different but different isn’t always bad.

  2. Ah… the things we think… and the way you’ve turned it around. I think the same thing about keeping him home with me always. That’s such a sweet little blessing. There are tons of people who get married and live miserably – so they’ll be spared that heart-ache! LOL! At home, they will always have unconditional love!

  3. It’s good to accept “the won’ts” and realize all “the wills.” And we all need to be reminded of “the wills” more so than “the won’ts.”

  4. Olivia is so beautiful…
    and so are you my friend…

  5. If I weren’t feeling like crap and laying on my couch in my jammies I would drive right over to your house and hug you. Again you’ve hit on what so many other parents are thinking. I love your “wills”, I ache for your “won’ts” and I pray that another parent has heard you and knows they are not alone. Hugs.

  6. This post made me weep the first time, and this time was no different. Sending you love, light and hugs tonight.

  7. Those are some very special, and wonderful ‘wills.’ I know you and Olivia will make the most of all of those times.

  8. So important to look past the negative and focus on the positives in life. I try to always do the same and focus on what I will share with my girl.

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