Ask Her

I see you watching her. She is walking to the ocean, filling up her bucket and then walking back with her unsteady, wobbly gait, spilling most of her water, emptying out what’s left and doing it again. She has a big smile on her face, especially when she almost falls. That always cracks her up.

I see you watching her and wondering about her. She’s tall like an almost 12-year-old but you know she acts more like you. You look like you’re about 4. You have very few pre-conceived judgements about people yet, you’re just curious. I can tell you want to play with her. But I think you’re a little afraid. You’re unsure of what will happen or how she will act, but you want to.

Just ask her. Take a chance and come over and play with her. Please. I’m sitting here watching with so much hope in my heart that you will just walk over and say hi and play with her. Ask her.

I walk in and I see her sitting all by herself at lunch. Her aide is with her and there are other kids at the table, but she’s alone. Would you ask her to come and sit next to you? It would make her so happy just to sit in the middle of all of you. She could just listen and enjoy being with you. Would you take a chance and ask her to sit with you?

You asked her to come to your birthday party and I was ecstatic. At the same time, I was unsure. Did you ask her because you wanted her there or because you felt obligated? Will you girls play with her or will she drive you crazy? But after I told her about the party, she didn’t talk about anything else for a week. Every morning she’d wake up and ask if today was the party. When it was finally the day of the party, she could barely stand it. I was worried she’d be too excited and not be able to stay. But she did. She went to your party by herself and had a great time. She had a blast and it was all she’s talked about since. My heart is so happy it feels like it might burst.

You asked her.

Thank you.


10 responses to “Ask Her

  1. You have a true gift, Tiffany.

  2. You do have a gift, Tiffany. I love reading your blog. Your love for your daughter is palpable. This had me rooting for her as well!!

  3. You are amazing! Thank you for yet again sharing your heart and your joy! My heart is bursting with you….

  4. This tugs at my heart. Like you, I so desperately just want my Olivia to be happy, to be accepted for the amazing person she is, the gifts she brings to this world.

    You just say it so much better than I do.

  5. I’m so happy she had a great time at the party. What a great memory for her (and you!).

  6. Always the best posts! You have such a way of capturing these moments as if watching it happen right in front of my eyes.

  7. This post just tugged at my heart strings. What a beautiful friend she has.

  8. I love your blog. I found it by way of the2beths. I have learned so much about special needs though your writing. It is so refreshing to hear this “just ask” message. My daughter is three and I encourage her to play with all kids at the playground no matter what age. I think it is so important for everyone to know that in our “village” it takes all kinds of people!

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