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“The real purpose of life is just to be happy—to enjoy your life. To get to a place where you’re not always trying to get someplace else. So many people spend their lives striving, trying to be someplace that they’re not, they never get to arrive.”

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

It’s not just me that’s trying to just…be…we all are trying. Yes, we are busy. Yes, we have 3 kids who do multiple activities. Yes, we both work full-time. But we are both committed to practicing the art of just being.

Saturday afternoon was a good start. The soccer games and practice were over. Gabe had a birthday party and we had no plans for the rest of the day. Matt, Olivia, Matthew and I headed to a local park to just…be. We hiked, we fished, we played at the park. We talked, we laughed, we breathed in and out and enjoyed each other’s company. And we made a promise that our life would contain more of this. More of the simple pleasures that we often are too busy to enjoy.


5 responses to “More of This

  1. I like the idea of committing to “just being”. It is something that I am trying to integrate into our lives too. Glad your Saturday was spent basking in the little things.

  2. Just needed to hear this message today. My thought is that the purpose of life is to love, and that is just what RADIATES from your pictures and stories! But we get so caught up in the hectic pace of things…
    P.S. WIsh I could braid like that. Lovely!

  3. Looks lovely! I am a go-go girl myself and it is good to be reminded to just “be” especially with the ones we love most!

  4. I love Oak Openings!!! We haven’t been out there in a couple of years. I’m hoping to do something fun like that this weekend if the weather holds out! We spontaneously had a “book party” this weekend. I made cakes decorated like the boys favorite books and we watched movies that were based on some of our favorite books. We celebrated all of the amazing reading the boys did this summer. It was so much fun, so spontaneous, so easy 🙂

  5. What beautiful photos. I started relaxing just looking at them. (And also? Felt inspired to completely steal that braid. Can’t wait to try it out on one of the girls!)

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