Happy This Week

Holy crap September is kicking my ass. When you are a teacher and a parent, being back in school is just bananas. But guess what? I still found many happy things this week.

Gabe. Just Gabe. He is such a great kid. He makes me proud and happy and full of joy every day.

Olivia had a fever on Tuesday morning so I kept her home from school. Around noon her fever broke and I was joking that I was going to take her back to school now that she was feeling better. She grabbed her stomach and said “I feel soooo crummy. My throat hurts, my tummy hurts and my ear hurts. I can’t go back to school.” Hilarious!!!

Matthew’s birthday is next week and he is beside himself. I love his excitement and zest for life.

Finding tons of skull-themed birthday decorations for his party. Yes, he’s going to be 7 and he wants a skull party.

Matt went back to work! Fingers crossed with pain management and physical therapy, he won’t need surgery for his back.

My Mom is the best. She makes me so happy. I know how lucky I am to have her. She called and left me a wonderful message this week that I’ve kept close to my heart every day.

Knowing that all we have this weekend is one soccer practice and one soccer game. I feel like we might be able to catch our breaths.

The Democratic National Convention!!!

What made you happy this week?


3 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Jordan’s birthday is next week too, ( I think we discovered the same day, right??) and she is ridiculously excited as well!! And she is having a haunted house party which I think is so awesome! She is such a girly girl and the fact that she wants something different than pink and purple and rainbows makes me so happy!! Have fun with Matthew’s!!!

  2. I need to do this each week b/c I think I focus on what did not make me happy this week. So here goes: the DNC for sure. Love Michelle Obama especially! Josie got asked to Homecoming & found a dress! My puppy! Taylor Swift’s new song! & Tiffany’s amazing blog! Not bad for my first try :o)

  3. Olivia is so funny!

    A skull party sounds very cool. Happy early birthday to Matthew.

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