Hip Hip Hooray

Last year on this day, I was dreading the first day of school. My baby was going to Kindergarten and I was going to miss him so much. I cried when then bus came, cried when the bus left, cried throughout the day. My baby was leaving me!!!

This year?

I will be doing cartwheels from the bus back to my house. I can’t wait for the kids to go to school tomorrow. I love them to pieces and have loved our summer together. But it’s time for them to go.

Here’s why:

I desperately need more than one cup of coffee every day. With the kids home, I barely get one down the hatch before they’re all over me asking for food, for friends, for entertainment.

“Mom, can I have a friend over?” will not be uttered in my house until at least 3:15 p.m. What is with kids wanting to have friends over all the time? Now don’t get me wrong, I love a house full of kids. I really do. But day in and day out? It gets tiring.

I won’t have to fight with Matthew over the T.V. all day long. I don’t know what I did wrong with this one but he is obsessed with T.V. and video games. I have to tell him at least 100 times a day to go outside. Just yesterday I threatened to lock all the doors so he couldn’t come back in 40,000 times.

The remote control will be all mine. From 8 til 3 I can watch whatever I want while I work. Hello Jon Stewart, I’ve missed you so.

Mac-and-cheese is my kryptonite and the kids love to eat it. Being the nice Mom I am, I make it for them almost daily and then I eat it. No more mac and cheese for me!!

I will be able to get so much done while they’re gone. Last year, I quickly discovered that the kids being gone at school all day is the work-at-home Mom’s key to success. Getting interrupted by them with constant requests makes getting work done really difficult.

We had a wonderful summer filled with tons of fun and laughter. As soon as they walk out the door, I’ll wish they were here, but for now, I’m doing cartwheels.


7 responses to “Hip Hip Hooray

  1. I feel you on the Mac n cheese thing. It’s soooooooo good…….but I get so mad after I eat it.

  2. What type at home work do you do?

  3. If you saw my facebook post yesterday you know I am in total agreement! Enjoy & we have to get together for lunch or coffee soon!

  4. Congrats on your freedom!

  5. ahhahaha cartwheels back to your door!!! Seriously!!! I totally get why parents look forward to school starting and why year round schools are actually helpful! It is nice to get back to your regular routine huh!! Summer is awesome but things do get a little crazy with the lack of structure and inconsistency! I hope everyone enjoys the first day back… especially you!!

  6. I hope all your kids have a wonderful first day back to school, and I hope your second cup of coffee is even better than the first.

  7. Keegan and Matthew could be kindred spirits! I set time limits on TV and video games and then have to peel him away from them when the timer goes off! This summer I made him read 1 minute for each minute of video games he wanted to play. At least i felt a little better about the time he was spending bonding with his DS!
    I’m glad the kids are going back too. They need the structure that only school can provide. Hope your clan has a fantastic year!

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