12 responses to “Gorgeous

  1. Holy crap! Gorgeous is a ridiculous understatement!!! This little lady is just amazing and beautiful beyond words! (of course all of the pictures are fabulous but for some reason, the third one down made me get misty eyed… Wow!)

  2. An infectious smile! And gorgeous thick hair! She is beautiful Tiffany! And rocks those portrait poses!

  3. She is truly gorgeous.

  4. Oh wow! These are amazing photos, they capture Olivia’s true beauty perfectly.

  5. gorgeous is right! and as kristen pointed out – THAT HAIR! any woman in the world would be envious of that mane.

    by the way, your photography is really impressive. perhaps it’s time for you to open up your own business!

  6. What a lovely little lady!

  7. As Liv’s would say with her hands over her eyes “I can’t stand it!” Love our baby girl 🙂

  8. i love the 5th pic….where you can really see the freckles across her nose. there’s nothing more beautiful to me than a smattering of freckles! she is gorgeous and i can’t believe how teenagery (yep…possibly just made up that word!) she looks 🙂

  9. love these pictures. love her poses. and her hair and smile. b-e-a-U-tiful.

  10. I have to share with you… I saw this post on my phone earlier today. I was in the middle of evaluations at the office and Maureen was with me. I passed my phone over to her to show her these pics. WOW was all she could say with an extreme look of pride on her face – very much mirroring the look on my face. I then passed the phone around the table to my various co-workers – people who know nothing about Olivia, never met her. She’s Gorgeous was all I heard as my phone was passed from person to person. Who is she??? And then I told her story, and yours. These pictures capture her so beautifully, they show the Olivia I have known for a very long time. These pictures show how much Olivia is growing into a beautiful young lady (gasp!) and looking exactly like her beautiful mom. I’m so glad you didn’t put words to this. Words could not have done her justice!!!

  11. She.is.stunning. Periodtheend.

  12. Ohh hey cutest kids ever who are looking bigger and bigger!!! Olivia has the dangest cutest freckles I ever did see! Have you ever read Freckle Juice. It is a cute book and I think Olivia {actually all your kids} would like it. I did it once for my 5th grade reading project and even made my own freckle juice!

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