Take Care of Him

When I dropped my first-born son in your care for his first week away at summer camp on Sunday, there were so many things I wanted to tell you.

It’s his first time. He’s shy. I’m worried he won’t sleep well. I hope he makes friends. I want him to have so much fun that it takes him a week to tell us all about it.

But I also wanted to tell you that this boy deserves this amazing week at camp. He totally deserves it. He needs a week to be without us, to just be Gabe, to just have fun.

He’s amazing.

I wanted to tell you that this boy is selfless; almost too much at times. He’ll let his brother pick the movie, the cereal, the prime seat in the car. He’ll do whatever it takes to make his sister smile. He’ll help around the house and not expect a thing in return. That’s the kind of boy he is.

He is so loved by his little brother, that the little one cried before bed the night before he left because he would miss him so much. He was sad and quiet on the ride home knowing his best friend and hero was not going to be with him for a week.

He is so loved by his big sister that I can’t even describe it to you. It’s impossible to put into words. Did I mention that she has a disability? He’s never bothered by her, never burdened by her, it wouldn’t even occur to him to be anything but a loving brother. He is, quite simply, her hero.

I wanted to tell you that he’s an old soul. He gets this life. He gets it. But I also wanted to tell you that, if you take the time to know him, he’s hilarious. And silly. And a sports nut. And an avid reader. And loves music. He’s always quick with a smile, with a joke, with a look that will make your heart melt.

I just wanted to tell you that my son is extra special. I know everyone says that, but in this case it’s true. He’s not only the most amazing boy I’ve ever known, he’s just an amazing person, no matter what age. His level of generosity, caring and loving is unmatched.

He’s my boy and I love him. Take care of him.


5 responses to “Take Care of Him

  1. I love how much your love for your kids shines through in your writing. Gabe (and the others, of course) is one lucky kid! and it sounds like you are a lucky mama to have such a sweetie.

  2. I love when you write about Gabe! Always my favorite entries since I never had any brothers, five sisters for me 🙂

  3. I don’t know how you did it! I cried when I read this post (weeks ago… I’m a little behind on comments!). I can’t imagine leaving one of my guys – It’s hard enough leaving them overnight with grandparents. I think of all the little things that only I know as their mommy. Then I think that I have to let others learn those things as I won’t be around forever. Oh the tug at my heartstrings… You are amazing when you talk about Gabe and he is amazing because of you!

  4. So sweet! I hope he had a great time 🙂

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