On the way home from Maine, we made a two-day stop in Vermont. Have you ever been there? It’s one of two places besides here that I think I could live. Here, Vermont and Colorado. There’s just something about Vermont. They’re hip, they’re liberal, they’re laidback, it’s gorgeous there. I love it.

Do you know what else is in Vermont? About 10 minutes from our campground? I’ll give you a few hints.

My hints weren’t very subtle, were they? We are OBSESSED with ice cream and Ben and Jerry’s in particular, so we headed to their headquarters for the tour, free samples, huge cones, to make tie-dye t-shirts, a little play at the park and a trip to their flavor graveyard.

(Matt is a whiskey fan. 😉 )

Our view from the camper was so serene. Gabe, being the A+ boy scout that he is, made our fires both nights and we happily enjoyed some delicious smores. He was so proud of himself!!

I went into Stowe for a couple of hours and nosed around their quaint little shops. I didn’t buy a thing but enjoyed the time alone. We took a cool ride through Smuggler’s Notch. It was a quick, but fun, little two-day jaunt on the way home. We were dreading the 15 hour drive home, but after 21 hours on the way there, and 6 to get to Vermont, we felt we could handle it. Would you believe me if I told you the kids didn’t fight once? I knew you wouldn’t.

Tomorrow I’ll show you my FAVORITE part of camping in Vermont. Stay tuned! 😉


4 responses to “Vermonsters

  1. How fun! Love the ice cream and the tie-dye shirts!

  2. Now I’m looking at the clock wondering if it’s too late to run to the grocery store for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s …

  3. drooling, totally drooling!

  4. Umm….ice cream!!

    Great job on the fire, Gabe!!

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