Happy This Week

***Feel free to grab my button and tell us what made you happy this week!***

Olivia had one good day at camp. I’ll take it!

Words with friends

Riding my bike

Catching up with old friends

My weekly wine date with my BFF

Olivia’s English accent

Movie night with Gabe

Extra cuddling with Matthew because he’s been sick

A bonus from work that allowed me to buy a telephoto lens I’ve been wanting for years

And we’re leaving for vacation soon!!! I’ll be gone for a while…I’ll try to blog on the road but I never know what the campground wifi will be like!!! I’ll miss you all!!!

What made you happy this week?


6 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Aww! These make me so happy too. A vacation? Awesome!

    My husband made me happy this week. 🙂

  2. Ah… you buried the lead! Vacation time, hope you all have a great time. Relax and enjoy.

  3. you have a weekly wine date? I want to be your BFF…

  4. These are great Tiffany!

    WWF. Ice Cream. Spending time with my Mom and sister. This is what made me feel happy this week.

  5. A weekly wine date? I’d be happy with a monthly wine day. I’m with Holly. I want to be YOUR BFF!

  6. An English accent? That always makes me happy, too.

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