So Far

So far summer has been all kinds of things.

It has been…


So far we’ve…

driven go-karts
had a family reunion
played baseball
rode horses
visited put-in-bay
hung out with Grandma
gone to Imagination Station
played mini-golf
gone swimming
played baseball some more
drank slushies the size of our heads
ate ice cream on a regular basis
jumped for hours on the trampoline
played with friends (grown-up friends too!)
slept in
went to camp
read lots of books
rocked out to music
ridden bikes
spent the night on a baseball field

We’ve packed a lot into two weeks. We’re planning on packing in a lot more.

So far…

I’ve said yes. A lot.
Smiled. A lot.
Laughed. A lot.
Read. A lot.
Had fun. A lot.
Enjoyed every single minute of this precious time with the kids.

So far there have been many moments where I just smile and sit back and think THIS is what life is all about. THIS is the secret we’re all trying to uncover.

So far…it’s been pretty amazing.


3 responses to “So Far

  1. don’t you just love the summertime when work stress goes away and we can be the mommies that we KNOW we were meant to be???

  2. Slept in? I’m so very envious.
    It sounds like an awesome time!

  3. So far your summer sounds fabulous!

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