Happy This Week

Here’s what made me happy this week…

A spray tan (I either burn or am white)

Two new bathing suits that didn’t make me want to stay in bed for a week after looking in the mirror

A manicure

The kids spending the day with my Mom

A canceled baseball game

Ice cream

Breaking Bad marathons with Matt

Sleeping in

Cherry vodka tonics

Drinks and a chat with a friend

Pool time with a friend and our kids

Isn’t that a lot of happy in one week? What made you happy this week?


10 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Where did you get the bathing suits? I need one more for the summer. Let me know!

  2. i am currently burnt to a crisp. might need to check into that whole spray tan idea 😉

  3. No more work for 6 weeks and I didn’t even have to have a baby to get that break.
    Swim lessons with all 3 kids–weird I know, but I love seeing Dalton learning to love the water and Charlotte learning to swim. Elisabeth is finally not afraid of the water either.
    A new puppy–she’s so sweet and just what we needed.
    Donating blood for the first time–I didn’t know if my iron would be high enough or not-it was so I was able to give my first pint and Elisabeth was there to watch the whole process.
    I bought some new clothes from Old Navy online and I can’t wait to get them. I never buy anything but t-shirts. Need something less frumpy, plain and boring.

  4. My girls spent the night with my mom. It was the second Thursday in a row that they got to do this. It makes me happy for a couple of reasons. One: this is what memories are made of, summers at Gram’s with the cousin. Two: It gives me and Tom an evening/night alone, which is lovely and doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

  5. my happy is on my post 🙂 I love that you do this – It makes my week!

  6. My new position at work.

    Dinner with a friend

    My cats

    A nap this afternoon.


  7. We’re doing Breaking Bad marathons and I love it!

  8. Mandarin vodka tonics 😉
    Visiting my twin sister in San Diego
    Getting my first paycheck in a LONG time!

  9. LOVE me some spray tan! It’s instant gratification at its finest! Go on with your spray tan self! No need to explain!
    And a manicure?!?!? LOVE. I really want to get a manicure/pedicure and highlights. I have this fantasy where I do a whole spa day – message, mani/pedi/highlights. Just thinking about it makes me happy. 🙂

  10. Thank God I’m not the only one that is excited for cancelled baseball games. In my defense I enjoyed stormed out swim meets and practices for myself. What made me happy this week: Took the boys by myself to see Brave. Took four kids by myself to a library presentation. My new nail polishes.

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