At the Car Wash

Last year Olivia’s Brownie troop had a car wash to raise money for our Olivia’s Open golf outing. The girls raised $500 and had a blast and decided to do it again this year. Olivia was so excited. She washed cars for a while and then spent the rest of the time dumping all of the buckets and splashing in the soapsuds. We recruited some boys to help too; it’s pretty cute to watch the boys and girls together now.

One of the girls said to her Mom, “Won’t it be cool when we’re still doing this when we’re 17?”. That made me smile. Olivia might not get invited to a friend’s house to play, no one’s calling her to hang out, the birthday party invites are dwindling. But I know in my heart that she is loved.


4 responses to “At the Car Wash

  1. Looks like everyone had lots of fun. How inspiring to see her enjoying life so much. Gives me so much hope. And as for invites to playdates or parties, just think of it as her down time. Even us grown up go through bouts of solidarity with no visits or hang out’s. She might just need it too so stay positive.

  2. I’m so sad that we missed it! We’re looking forward to the Open in August!!!

  3. We totally need to do a carwash. I bet that would make a fun playdate.(We haven’t even started summer vacation and the whining is INTENSE. This looks like a great way to combat it.)

  4. How funny that 17 is considered old.

    Congrats on the car wash success and I hope the golf outing is even more successful.

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