I Imagine

When we’re eating dinner at the kitchen table, and the boys are cracking each other up and Olivia’s laughing so hard she’s silent, I imagine.

I imagine 6 foot tall, handsome, teenage boys who come home from school and ask their sister about her day and give her a big hug. Maybe they’ll hang with her for a little bit and chat over Oreos before they head to football practice. She’ll go to all their games and watch quietly from the sidelines. Their friends will be her friends too. They’ll have their own life, but they won’t forget about her.

I imagine boys leaving for college but not going too far because they’d miss her too much…and they know she will be lost without them. They’ll be more thoughtful than most about their sister; they’ll make sure to Skype and call and visit. I imagine her asking for her brothers and missing them and being so happy when they come home.

I imagine grown men choosing a special woman to marry who won’t think twice about having a sister-in-law with a disability. Maybe she’ll even get to be in the wedding. I imagine her having two more family members to love. Two more people on the planet who love her and care for her and make her feel loved.

I imagine these couples growing into families. I imagine a favorite aunt who spoils them rotten with her attention. She’ll be the aunt who plays with them, watches movies with them, who understands how a stuffed animal can truly be your best friend. They will love her for who she is and a whole new generation will learn about true love.

I imagine it won’t always be easy. I imagine there will be challenges and difficult times. But mostly I imagine all the happiness and love.


10 responses to “I Imagine

  1. I can see that becoming a reality. Those boys are special and clearly love Olivia. I love your family. 🙂

  2. I love this too. You have great kids all around! It comes from their great mother & father :o)

  3. Beautiful! I can see this becoming a true reality for you.

  4. I’m at the cabin, on the porch, crying my eyes out. This is beautiful and so very true.

  5. This is beautiful. You are raising thoughful, insightful boys who will always cherish their beautiful, wonderful sister and all that she’s brought into their world. I love this world you’ve imagined.

  6. So my heart… yes! All this and more. Much, much more!

  7. i know that i don’t personally know you and your family, but i’ve been following your blog for a long time now and i think that i can say with pretty good assurance that you aren’t just imagining….this will come to fruition because you have raised children who deeply care for each other!

  8. This post is such an important reminder that its a sad waste of time to worry about the future. Why not live life imagining how good things will be? Thank you!

  9. Made me cry… in a good way. I like to NOT think too far into the future, but it’s really special when it’s viewed in this way. Thanks, Tiffany!

  10. My son has Cri du Chat. Do you not imagine her one day having someone special in her life? Maybe a family of her own?

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