Happy This Week

Look! I made a button! And I almost got the HTML code to work so you could use it too…but I couldn’t quite get it. If anyone can help me, that would make me very happy this week!

I’ve been volunteering in Matthew’s class every Friday and I was in charge of all the classroom parties. Today was my last “official” volunteering day and the kids gave me a present! It was a large flower-pot filled with flowers. It said “Thank you!” and then each of the kids drew a little picture and signed their names. I love it!

The teachers at my kids’ school had a little reception for me after school today to thank me for being PTA president. They gave me a gorgeous hanging basket and a card they all signed with personal notes. It was so nice. I certainly don’t volunteer for the gifts, but it sure is nice to be appreciated!

The boys had their first baseball games this week. Even though the games can be long and kind of boring (and did I mention hot?) it is really something to watch them play.

Olivia told me she’s marrying Corey from her baseball team. She’s going to wear a nightgown and he’s going to wear cowboy boots and I’m allowed to come.

I had a meltdown on Tuesday in a panic over summer, especially finding a camp or something for Olivia to do. The next morning he texted me around 10 a.m. to tell me he found one, he signed her up, it was taken care of. I love it when he listens.

My friend Amy and I had our first official “Golf Widows Night”. Even though we had to cut it a bit short because of baseball games, I was so happy to be able to chill and enjoy her company and a couple of glasses of wine on a school night.

Phillip Phillips won American Idol! Yipppeeee!!!!!

What made you happy this week?


5 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Great list! How nice to be appreciated for what is so often a thankless (but necessary) job. And YAY for the impending marriage – how lovely that you’re allowed to attend 😉

    Here’s a few of mine…. Fountain Dr Pepper… publishing my 10th blog post… 3-day weekend at last… and homemade pizza tonight 🙂 I’m easy to please!

  2. Wow! You have lots of reasons to be happy! I am stressing because of camps, too. Izzi graduated Pre-K, though, so that made me really happy (and a little sad)!

    Love the button,

  3. I’m happy for you are able to focus on all the positives.

  4. I enjoyed your happy list. And did you catch Phillips leaving the song midway and hugging his family? That is what happy is all about.

  5. The boys chose not to do baseball this summer and I must say I’m a little sad about it. I love watching them play, anything!

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