Happy This Week

**Next week I’m going to have a button and a link-up…I hope you’ll join me!**

So many things made me happy this week….

If I could bottle the way my backyard smells right now, I’d be a millionaire. I wish I could virtually share it with you. It’s lilacs, fresh cut grass and newly planted flowers. Yum.

Being able to go on Matthew’s field trip to the zoo. I was exhausted but it was really fun. I’m glad I got to be there.

Olivia playing “I Spy” in an English accent. I’ll try and get it on video tape. It’s probably the cutest thing you’ve ever heard. And she always spies things that aren’t there. Too cute.

Being married for 14 years. He ran the kids to soccer practice and baseball and I went to the grocery store and worked, but we still smiled over Taco Bell at 8 p.m. and knew we were still glad we jumped in with both feet.

Phillip Phillips. If he doesn’t win American Idol next week, I’ll cry.

America’s Got Talent. We’ve never watched this show before; all of us love it! There are so few shows that all of us can watch together and enjoy.

The dwindling school year. It makes me so happy to see us getting closer and closer to summer.

What made you happy this week?


7 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. I get to go on a field trip today with Elisabeth. My girls and I made strawberry jam on Mother’s Day. We have tried the jam and it’s a big hit here. Dalton is running now and he tries so hard to get us to understand his jibberish.

  2. My happy this week was a little bittersweet. My College Kid was home for a short visit – the sweet part; but had to return to school Friday morning – the bitter part. It gets harder each time she has to leave.

  3. Yes! The smell in the air is intoxicating today! I went for a (very slow) jog this morning and wanted to find a way to bottle the scent. Let me know if you find a way, okay? 🙂

  4. It makes me happy to read your happies!! It’s helpful to make lists of the good things, isn’t it?

  5. I love your happy 🙂 You’ve got to get Olivia on tape! It has to be the cutest thing ever! We’re looking forward to summer here too – and maybe playdates with other big people!

  6. My daughter’s Kindergarten graduation made me happy this week. Nice exercise and a great way to be grateful. Thanks Tiffany!

  7. Yay for Phillip Phillips! I am rooting for him too 🙂

    I am happy for the way my son smiles at me when I come to get him in the morning – is there anything better?

    Love this exercise in acknowledging the happies… I will jump on the bandwagon and link up with you next week if you do it again!! 🙂

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