Happy This Week

So I guess I’m making this a regular Friday thing…you like?

Here’s what made me happy this week…

This video. If you put on mascara already, you might want to watch it later.

Olivia flirting at her baseball game. She is totally gaga over C, the boy she called “muy caliente” lat week. He flirts back. It’s super cute and really frightening at the same time. I guess there are some typical 11-year-old girl things that she’s going to do, huh?

Watching the boys play soccer and baseball. I love watching them play.

Purple hair. I now have violet highlights and I love them! They’re super subtle and sophisticated if I do say so myself. I’ll try to get a picture this weekend.

My health. I had a skin cancer scare and the stomach flu this week. I’m feeling better and so very thankful. Your health is so easy to take for granted, isn’t it?

The sun. It’s been so sunny this week and I’m already feeling myself come back to life.

The way Matthew still says “nuse” for “use”. “Mom? Can I nuse that please?” *sigh*

Gabe coming home and telling me all about safety patrol and his new badge. He’s in training for next year and he’s so geeked about it.

Old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I love that show.

Olivia referring to Matt as “your husband”. “MOM! Your husband is home!” and “Mom, that’s your husband!”

What made you happy this week? Please share…I really do want to know!



6 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. I’m happy it’s the weekend! Been a crazy appointment filled couple of weeks and it’s finally mellowing out a little. I’d love to see pics of your new hair colour. Pics please!!!!

  2. What a lovely post, I love thoise things that make you happy! I realy could do with reminding myself what makes me happy this week as I have been stuck in the fog a little!

    Hearing a little one say to me – you can make anything! Can’t you LeeAnn?

    Hearing my 13 year old tell me he loves me! It has been gone a long time and to hear it again just makes my heart sing.

    Knowing that next week at this time I will be in Spain sitting in my much missed sister’s garden with a glass of wine in hand after a whole day of playing with and loving on my nephew.

    Seeing American Pie reunion with my hubby and sis and sis in law last night. It was awesome!

    You should make this a linky party hon! I am inspired to go write a blog post on my sadly neglected blog xxx

  3. Ohh, I’m sitting here in envy of your purple hair. I’ve seriously considered it for weeks now but as a blonde (light) I think it might be too jarring. But…you never know.

  4. Even though it was testing week for my K students I had lots of happy. I had one student tell me that he loved me before he gave his phone back to his mom.
    Today, I was testing a student and I look up to see Charlotte put on a cool pink fedora, and sunglasses, grab her hot pink guitar and sit in the chair strumming it. She looked so cute.
    Elisabeth and I went to the Girl Scouts store today and she was such a great helper and she was acting like a big girl . I was so proud.
    Dalton is running–yes RUNNING– now. He’s only been walking for about 3 weeks and he runs through the house. His little legs chugging along and his little chunky arm swinging back and forth.
    I finished the last book in the Shades of Grey series. That made me very, very happy.

  5. I took a page out of your book this week and did my own happy post 🙂 I needed it by the end of the week. It’s a truly lovely idea and I’m more than delighted to jump on board!

  6. I love this weekly homage to happy things. I think we could all benefit from writing down what makes us happy.

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