Check Yourself

It’s my least favorite appointment of the year. Even worse that going for my yearly gynecological check-up. It’s when I have to go and get a skin cancer check. I have to stand there, naked, in front of my doctor and have him look over every inch of my body. Who on earth wants to do that? It’s uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing, but it’s vital.

Last week, I had 4 suspicious moles removed. I am very fair so I have lots and lots of freckles and moles but these were different. The doctor said we could just watch them for the next 6 months, but he was very concerned that they looked really unusual. Take them off, I said. Why take the chance? After the procedure, the nurse said no news is good news, so if I didn’t hear from them by Tuesday, I was in the clear.

All day Monday and Tuesday I kept checking my phone. No call. Then at 4:15 on Tuesday, they called. Crap, I said to the nurse on the phone when she identified herself. The two on my leg were atypical…but fine. No skin cancer. But it would have developed into skin cancer had I left it or not had it checked in the first place. That scared me. This is why I go every year (now every 6 months) to get checked. If you catch it early, more than likely you’ll be fine. But if you don’t?

I was never so thankful that I put myself through that embarrassing and uncomfortable appointment. Have you had your skin checked lately?


8 responses to “Check Yourself

  1. i have a friend of mine who has to go get checked regularly. i never have….but i probably should. it’s just one more things on a long list of stuff i neglect for myself!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes… my father died in 2003 from skin cancer…

  3. My daughter has had two suspicious moles removed and will have to go through these exams for a long time. I have all sort of moles and birthmarks, I really should have a check too.

  4. Scary…..I’m happy you got checked in the first place!

  5. Going in July actually, to get checked for the first time since high school! With our family history, I can’t believe I’ve let it go this long. Glad you are so good about it!

  6. I go every year for my check and watch my body like a hawk. I have been in the same predicament as you. Better to have scars and not worry about cancer.

  7. You reminded me I REALLY need to get this appt on my calendar. Glad to hear that all is well and you are taking the proper steps to take care of yourself…too much at stake.

  8. Erin VanDeusen

    going to make my annual appointment now…you inspired me. I pale skin, lots of moles and freckles and a family history. It amazes me thought that while I would never miss one of the kids’ doctor appointments I need to be reminded to make one for myself. Thinking I am going to have some of my larger moles/freckles removed…I am a chicken…this has scared me…scared of needles and thinking it would hurt.

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