The Perfect Mother’s Day (and a giveaway!)


MamaKat asked “What is your idea of a perfect mother’s day?” this week in her awesome writing workshop. In my head, there are three perfect mother’s day scenarios:

The Selfish Mother’s Day

For me, if I’m only thinking of me, the perfect Mother’s Day would involve sleeping in. Very original, no? But not regular sleeping in. The kind where you wake up, watch TV or read for a little bit and someone has brought you coffee, then go back to sleep for a couple of hours and then repeat. Until you feel like you’re going to get bed sores and finally get out of bed. Then I would eat breakfast…something really yummy that I didn’t cook. Like donuts, or an omelet, or french toast or an egg mcmuffin. I would read until the coffee was gone or my eyes went crossed whichever came last. Then I’d go for a run or take a walk or something fun for exercise. Rollerblading! Yes, rollerblading. Then I’d come home and take a nap or watch a movie or both. I’d finally get up for a dinner I didn’t cook and yummy dessert. Guests are optional. I’d top if off with a nice hot bath filled with some sort of fragrant oil and bubbles and a glass of wine. Then I’d read or watch another movie and go to bed. Early. And happy.

Family Mother’s Day

Of course I should spend mother’s day with…those who made me a mother. We’d start by going out to breakfast…and not at IHOP, someplace fancy. Then maybe we’d go to the zoo if it’s nice, or a movie if it’s not. Later that night, my Mom would come over for dinner. The kids would pass out their handmade cards filled with all of the things they love the most about me. We’d all have ice cream and then Matt would handle bedtime. I wouldn’t have yelled once, the boys would hold my hand and kiss me on the lips and Olivia would use the potty all day and not pinch me. Perfect.

What will likely happen on Mother’s Day

We’ll wake up at 7 when Matthew bounds out of bed. We’ll have toast and coffee, maybe Matt’s famous omelets if I’m lucky. A family walk might follow breakfast. After the walk, the kids will want to have a friend over and I’ll have to remind them that it’s Mother’s Day. I’ll ask if they want to play baseball or shoot hoops; they might say yes but they’ll probably want me to jump on the trampoline instead. There will be fights, whining, complaining and pee. We might take a nap and then head over to Matt’s sister for dinner. I’ll put the kids to bed and then read for a while before falling asleep.

But guess what? No matter what day actually happens, I will know that I am loved.

Do you need a special gift for your Mom? Would you like to win a bracelet just for you for Mother’s Day? Today I am giving away a Stella & Dot Revival bracelet!!! This bracelet was featured in InStyle magazine and was sold to raise money for autism awareness. See it below. My favorite thing about Stella & Dot bracelets is that they are perfect for layering! In order to win the bracelet, you simply leave a comment here and become a fan of Christine’s facebook page here


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My friend, Christine, has generously donated this bracelet today. She is also donating 20% of all online sales to my Olivia’s Open golf outing; she will also donate $50 for each trunk show booked! To shop or host a show, click here!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


7 responses to “The Perfect Mother’s Day (and a giveaway!)

  1. i know you watch the middle. did you see last year’s mother’s day episode? i feel like that is my life! i know you will have a great mother’s day no matter what bc you are a great mother! enjoy! 🙂

  2. My Mother’s Day this year involves a soccer tournament, youth sunday at church, a lacrosse game, & probably dinner made by me! That being said, I am lucky to be a Mother to 3 amazing girls, to be healthy & to be fortunate enough to be busy. Happy Mother’s Day no matter how you spend it! Hope you get a little of each scenario :o)

  3. Sleeping in and an Egg McMuffin. Sounds wonderful. I haven’t had one in ages. Hope you get a wonderful day with your family.

  4. I might have to write a post like this too…it would at least be a test of whether my girls pay any attention to my blog at all. 🙂

  5. Sleeping by myself sounds great. Although waking up my kiddos giggling in bed would be great too. :o)

  6. Your typical Mother’s Day sounds a lot like mine. Hope you get a little of your dream Mother’s Day this year.

  7. I love your perfect by yourself Mother’s Day. It’s heavenly. It’s the Mom Secret, what we want for Mother’s Day is being by ourselves.

    I guess I should plan for my Mother’s Day.

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