My Week

I’m baaa-aack!!! Thanks for all of the messages from those who said they missed me. It’s so nice to know I’m missed when I’m away. I’ll tuck those messages away for when I don’t feel like writing or wonder why the heck I write anyway. It’s always nice to know someone reads what I write!

I can’t tell you how nice it was to be away from the computer for the week. I am on this thing 9 hours a day for work…plus blogs…and facebook…and twitter…and pinterest….and man I needed to get off of here! It’s not easy to do…I felt the pull of it every day. But I only checked my email a couple of times, got on Facebook just a couple of times too…and instead I did other things.

The main thing I did last week was…clean. Exciting, huh? That wasn’t the spring break you dreamed of? Me either. But it was nice to start cleaning at 8:15 after the kids got on the bus and keep going, uninterrupted, until they got home at 3. I deep cleaned. Tops of cupboards, baseboards, ceiling fans, windows for goodness sakes! Inside and out! This place is sparkling. Matt just redid all of the floors upstairs so it was really nice not just to get everything back in order, but to clean too.

Oh, I forgot! I painted the kids’ bathroom too. It looks so nice now! We chose this hideous shade of brown when we moved in and now it’s a lovely shade of green. I made these curtains off Pinterest for the kids’ bathroom and our bathroom. I am not crafty at all and I don’t know how to sew but I did manage to make these work. The second one turned out much better after a few tips from my Mom!!! If you try these, use chalk to help you measure evenly! Oh and you don’t have to round up to the nearest yard when you buy fabric; did you know that? If you only need 2 1/4 yards, you can get that amount. I didn’t know that!! Once things are hung up on walls, I’ll take pictures and host a tour of my newly renovated upstairs!!

I did go shopping one day. I didn’t find a stitch of clothing. Isn’t that sad? It’s partly because I’m in a total funk about the way I look and partly because everything this season is flowery and flowy. I can pull off neither of those trends. I ended up with two new pairs of shoes though!

We went camping over the weekend at Mohican State Park. We just got back today. That’s for another post!

All in all it was a good week! How was your week?


7 responses to “My Week

  1. I cleaned too! That and I was sick for 3 days. :o( Spent the last day of break with a sick kiddo, so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted.

  2. I used to round up to the next yard too! I went once with my mom and she gave me a look of you’re-an-idiot (in a kind, loving mom way) and told the cutter how much I really needed. When my parents take the boys, I end up cleaning. So sad. My week=crazy. But what’s new?

  3. I find it hard to escape this darn electronic thing too. It is my escape from the demands of life and sometimes the ONLY way to connect in some way with moms in similar circumstances. I try and take breaks like that too. Maybe we need to all stand up and say “My name is Lisa and I am a computer addict” hahaha! What a productive week, way to go!! And then reward yourself with a camping trip! Have a great day!

  4. Welcome back! I totally get the thrill of cleaning when no one is home to interrupt the flow. Can’t wait to see the renovated upstairs. I love the feeling of finishing a room, making it more comfortable, more homey.

  5. Happy to know you! Thank you for following me home from Dana’s.


    And after poking around here, I feel a strong attraction and pull.

    Your stuff is just my style: THE REAL MESS that life can be.

    A pleasure to know you.

  6. I keep telling myself I need a short hiatus from my computer too, but get all twitchy when I even think about it. I’m impressed you got so much done while you were off.

  7. The thought of deep cleaning with no one under your feet creating new mess is delightful! It’s been too long since I’ve done that. May have to send Jane and the boys out of town fo a weekend and get on that!

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