Happy This Week

This week was a really good week. I felt back to my normal self…mostly. There were lots of things that made me happy this week…that’s a great thing, right?

Matthew lost his fourth tooth in two weeks and this time I had reinforcements. My dear friends Carrie and Stephanie brought over glitter and chocolate coins last week after this post. My friend Molly sent me an entire package of stuff from The Tooth Fairy herself filled with little toys that boys would love. How awesome is that? Happy indeed. And Matthew’s toothless grin? Priceless.

Gabe and Matthew have been bringing me bouquets of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils daily. One day there were orange and yellow tulips in the bunch, which I don’t have in my yard, so I questioned where they came from. “That fence next to the B’s house where it doesn’t look like anyone lives.” At least they weren’t picking them out of someone’s front yard, right? They also took bouquets to both of their Grandmas. How sweet is that? Happy indeed.

Matt and I have been having a rough couple of weeks like all normal married couples do from time to time. This week it felt like we came back to each other. You know that feeling? When you haven’t been getting along and then you have a fight, you talk, you grump around for a few days and then you come back to each other? It’s been nice to have my husband back. Happy indeed.

We made reservations to go camping Easter weekend. Matt and I decided we are going to Miami Beach in June…just the two of us. We bought tickets to see our favorite singer, Josh Turner, in June 29. Plenty to look forward to. Happy indeed.

Olivia learned how to spell her last name all by herself. Her awesome special ed teacher makes the names into cheers and so Olivia can’t get enough of spelling. It’s too cute to watch her shout “TOWN…SEND!” like a cheerleader. She also can spell Mom, Dad, Amma (my Mom) and recognizes Gabe and Matthew’s names. We’re getting there! Happy indeed.

The best part of this week? Today is my last day of work before I’m off for spring break for a week. Even though I don’t have the same break as Matt or the kids, I’m still really looking forward to a week off of work. I’m planning on painting a bathroom, deep cleaning the house from top to bottom…and taking 2 days for myself. Happy indeed.

What made you happy this week?


7 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. That’s a lot of work to cram into three days, Tiffany!! I’m impressed, duly!!!

    This is a great list of things to be happy about, and I TOTALLY know what you mean about coming back together with your husband. I feel the SAME way right now, and I LOVE it!!!!!!

  2. although i’m enjoying my week off with the kiddos…i’m a little jealous of you getting a week off by yourself!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ yay for a good week though….i know the feeling when it seems like everything is going against you and then you hit a nice smooth stretch. just bask in it and hang on to that feeling when it seems like everything’s going downhill!

  3. Better week here, too! J. came home from school with a log that said, “Zero Behaviors”, “1 Behavior”, and “Perfect Day” the last 3 days! And she is finally starting to have some real conversations, verbally and on the Talker.
    How are you? “Good.”
    What did you do at school? “Nicky – play (with) Nicky.”
    Who is Nicky? “Boy.”

    “Done. Go down, please.” (after supper)
    What do you want to do now? “Go family room.”
    Why? “TV.”
    What’s on TV? “Dora the Explorer.”

    Might not sound like much, but this is way more than before! And she is sticking with her idea without getting distracted. HUGE deal.

  4. I like that you’re happy. You absolutely deserve to be happy. You work so hard for everyone in your life.

    I’m happy that I got a lot of housework done this morning while my girls were at my mom’s, I’m happy that we’re all home now and two of the four of us are asleep.

    Happiness rocks, huh?

  5. Took Emma to get her ears pierced and shopping. If you ever want to see what pure joy/bliss looks like go shopping with Emma, especially shoe shopping! She makes me laugh watching her run from item to item!!

  6. I’m so glad you had a happy week! Mine feels kind of like a blur. I didn’t feel well most of the week so I slept a lot. I guess having the freedom to sleep off the yuck is something to be happy about ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. My whole week leading up to spring break was like this – looking for the happy in anything I could find! Glad you found your happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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