Gabe’s 10th Birthday

I have to say…I think my spectacular boy had a spectacular birthday. I try really hard to make my kids feel extra, extra special on their day. I think I did.

On Friday, he had his three best buddies over to play, then go see The Hunger Games and then have a sleepover. They started laughing at 4 p.m. and didn’t stop until we made them go to sleep at 2. It was a fun night. We bought each of the boys a Hunger Games button that I found on etsy. Soooo cute. Mine said “Styled by Cinna”, Gabe’s said “Down with the Capitol” and the boys’ said “Beware the Nightlock”, “President Snow has to Go” and “Muttation in Training”. They were excited. I made shirts for Gabe and I that said “Mellark Bakery: Life, Death, Frosting”. If you’re not a Hunger Games fan, these will all be totally lost on you…sorry! The movie was packed, we barely got seats together, Matt was annoyed at the teenage girls acting obnoxious, but it was still a blast. And the movie was awesome.

P.S. 4th grade boys LOVE having their picture taken.

On Saturday, which was Gabe’s actual birthday, he competed in the Pinewood Derby districts. He anxiously awaited the results because he had been watching all the races and he knew he was at the top. He placed 3rd! This was perfect because he got a trophy…but we didn’t have to go back for the final race! He was so happy and proud. When he does well at something in public, he tries so hard not to smile, and the face he makes might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

P.S. Is there anything cuter than a little boy in a uniform?

On Sunday we had his family party. He wanted a Harry Potter themed party. I hit pinterest like a madwoman and found all sorts of good ideas. Broomsticks and wands for the table, magic color-changing drinks, platform 9 3/4 for our front door, quotes galore for decorations, you name it!

P.S. Yes, I know I’m crazy and it’s a lot of work. The kids love it.

My favorite idea that I stole from someone on the internet is to use mason jars for cups and decorate them. For Gabe’s party, each one had a spell from the HP books. It was fun to see what spell everyone got! I also printed off mini-newspapers to decorate the table.

P.S. Grandparents who haven’t read HP will be so confused.

This birthday banner idea was too cute to pass up, even though I felt guilty for cutting up a book!!! Gabe and I decided it would be cool to spell it like Hagrid does on Harry’s first ever birthday cake. My sister made another AMAZING cake!!! I don’t know how she does it!

P.S. Isn’t my Mom beautiful? And I didn’t get a picture of my sister. 😦

I thought it was funny to put “Mischief Managed” in the bathroom. I’m not sure if it made anyone else laugh, but I sure enjoyed it! We had fun sorting everyone into houses after they came through platform 9 3/4. We had a nice dinner, opened presents and sang to the birthday boy.

Gabe declared it a magical birthday. I’d have to agree. But I’m sure glad it’s over!!


9 responses to “Gabe’s 10th Birthday

  1. I am exhausted! That was an amazing weekend! Can you adopt me? & my kids? There should be no doubt how much you love your children. Hope you have some time to recover. I don’t think I am going to let my kids see this post. I clearly need to get on pinterest for this years’ birthdays! I loved the Harry Potter party. Great job!

  2. Can I hire you? You are amazing! It makes me tired just reading it all. And I thought I made my kids b-days special, you have put me to shame:-)
    Definitely a gift you have!

  3. OK, can you be my mom? These birthdays are AWESOME!!!! What fun. I went to see Hunger Games on Friday night and now I feel like i have to go again so I can make some of those buttons. 🙂
    (BTW, are you on Twitter? I just started an account and feel like I’m drowning but hoping to get the hang of it. Anyway, I’d love to look you up if you’re there!)

  4. What an awesome party! The decorations are the best and the cake looks wonderful. Looks like he sure did have a magical birthday weekend!

  5. I have been waiting for this post with pictures! I love going all out to make their birthdays special. It’s a lot of work but the smiles are so worth every minute 🙂 Hillary did an amazing job once again with the cake. I long to be like her!!! Glad Gabe’s day was so very special for him. Way to go mom!
    Oh… And Pinterest rocks for birthday party ideas!

  6. What a great celebration! You rock Mom.

  7. Happy Birthday Gabe. Adding a digit to your age is a huge milestone. Looks like it was a great celebratory weekend.

  8. I swear you are the coolest mom EVER!!! I want you for my mom.
    P.S. I’m finally reading the Harry Potter books so I can get the decorations too!

  9. This was amazing! What a special time for him and all of you! Happy Birthday to Gabe (belated:))!

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